Saturday, July 19, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Lazy July Summer Days, Day 18

The Chunk had his last swimming lesson for the year so Computer Geek and I tagged along. The last day was reserved for fun so the kids were rewarded for all their hard work with trips down the water slide. Chunk was just a little bit too short to go down by himself so the swimming teachers went down with him.

How fun is that!

Miss Baby Elephant was being kind of grumpy. She wouldn't turn around to talk to Grandpa or me. I finally thought I'd engage her through her doll. "Will you show me your new Anna doll?"  
Instead of turning around, she lifts Anna over her shoulder for me to see.
  Stinker 1, Grampires 0
She warmed up to my charms eventually.
This is how Michael Phelps started.
Baby Elephant wants to join the fun.
Daughter Em found a gift idea on Pinterest so she personalized it and gave one each to Chunk's two teachers. In case it's too small to read, here's what it says:
"You're oFISHally the Best!
Thanks for teaching me how to swim
Even though sometimes I act like a FISH out of water!"
She filled it with Goldfish crackers and Swedish Fish and decorated it with puffy fish stickers.


  1. What a great idea! So many other possibilities have just popped into my head!

    1. Ooh--please share! I'm always in need of new possibilities!

  2. Lids spray painted red, green or gold and jars filled with homebaked Christmas cookies....or lids painted silver and jars filled with tea light candles; it's how I store ours, in a big glass jar. (For presents, you could do a ''you light up my life'' text) Or, lids painted cream, jar necks tied with a cream satin ribbon and an antique yard sale spoon and filled with home made floral bath salts...or jars with deep lids, painted and then perforated to let the heat out, filled with battery operated fairy lights and the battery bit/switch stuck to the underside inside of the lid. Great for tables or when when kids are around.


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