Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Roses and Absolutely Nothing

Summer Fest, Days 8 & 9

Day 8
Years before I moved into The Toothpaste House (please see FAQ,) previous tenants lovingly planted two rose-filled beds in my front yard. Every summer I whisper silent thank-yous to those souls for having the foresight to do so. Last year my husband and son bought a new rose bush for me--one that I could add to the collection, possibly for future tenants.

Every once in a while, I literally stop and smell the roses. Sure, I wonder if the neighbors think I'm crazy, all bent over, nose to petal. I care not. There's a reason for that familiar admonition.

These are my favorites. I've named them Peach Sorbet.

I call these Cherry Kool-Aid.

These are the sweetest-smelling ones. I call them I-Don't-Have-Peonies-But-If-I-Close-My-Eyes-And-Inhale, It's-Almost-The-Same.

These are Wedding Cake. Take a bite.

Day 9
Guess what I did today in honor of my month-long summer celebration?


I would categorize doing nothing as a perfect way to spend a hot summer day, but I have been known to also do nothing on cold winter days.

I didn't plan to do nothing today. It just kind of happened. First thing in the morning, I heard some bad news regarding a family member. Then I heard some more bad news about another family member. By that time, I felt like the day was kind of shot, and trying to do something enjoyable seemed hypocritical in a way. 

So I had a late breakfast. Skipped lunch. Did some laundry. Scrolled endlessly through Facebook. Took a long, long, nap. Made dinner. Watched So You Think You Can Dance. (That was the most energy I expended all day--dancing in my mind.) Yup. That was about it. Nothing. Nada. Squat.

Tomorrow is a new summer day!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad news - hope it's the fixable, temporary kind.

    I'm a real advocate of freedom days, especially for folk like you who havesuch long, demanding days, at work and at home. I've had a week of doing nothing online because of router problems; after the initial withdrawal symptoms, irritation and angst, I feel like I've been at a spa. Having guiltfree 'permission' to do nothing online makes me realise how much hidden guilt and 'shoulding all over myself' weight I carry around with me unawares, and how quickly it floods back in. Today's the last day of my son's school hols, so we're carrying the guiltfree feeling over into chorelessness and uncensored bad but funny TV. I did try and get him outside doing gardening, but his inner chore censor caught and binned the idea!


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