Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Walkabout

Summer Enjoyment Mode, Day 11
Near our home is a reflection park. I don’t know if that’s what it’s officially called, but since I use it for thinking about things, we’ll go with it.

There are no swings, slides, or basketball hoops. Instead, you will find gravel paths, wildflowers, a mini-amphitheater, benches, a reflecting pool (for the other kind of reflection,) and a monument to the people who settled our valley in the 1800’s.

Computer Geek and I like to do our walking at the park. It’s not very big, so when one of us gets tired, the other one can still keep walking laps. Since we’re old, we don’t like to be too far away from our car when the need to collapse sets in.  We went for a walkabout on Day 11 and took in the views. I’ll even share them with you!


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    1. That is a Mormon temple. You'll find them throughout the world, with a greater concentration in Utah. Each one is a stunning work of architecture, with very few of them duplicates of each other. This one was built in the 1800's and can be seen from at least thirty miles away because of its hilltop placement.


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