Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love Post for Springfree Trampoline

Ever since Weston was a little tyke, he has wanted a trampoline. What child doesn’t? After all, what’s one of the first things a toddler does when he learns to walk? He jumps on his bed! The need to jump on something bouncy is seemingly inborn in a child. [Those who are privy to the fact that my friends and I jumped on dorm beds when we took a friend to college will please kindly keep silent. This is about a child’s need to jump.]

Over the years, we came up with excuses as to why he couldn’t have a trampoline, but the main concern for me was safety. Weston knew other children who broke arms, a collarbone, a wrist and a leg.  Could I really afford hospital emergency room visits? Not so much. Yet, budgeting for medical care  seemed almost an inherent part of buying a trampoline. At least, that’s what I thought until June of this year when I happened across a Facebook site for Springfree Trampoline.

Almost immediately I was captivated by the unique look of the trampoline. Then, I watched videos showing how Springfree has revolutionized the trampoline industry. I could feel trampoline lust settling upon my soul and was excited to see that they just so happened to be running a contest to actually win one!  Two winners were to be chosen—one by popular vote and one by company vote. All I had to do was submit a picture of someone jumping for joy.

I knew the picture I had to use—one of Weston on a friend’s trampoline. I told him I was going to take a picture, and he being the smart-alec that he is, went into a yoga pose right as I snapped the picture. It’s always been one of my favorites because he looks suspended in mid-air. I submitted the photo to the Springfree contest and encouraged everyone I knew to vote.

June 25. The Day of Decision. 
I kept my Facebook page on the Springfree site, eagerly checking back to see if a winner had been chosen. Finally, we saw that someone else had been chosen as the popular vote winner. After reading the winner’s story, we felt comforted that a very deserving young man had won instead.

We then waited for Springfree’s decision as to who would be the company’s choice winner. We were disappointed when we saw that Weston was not the winner. The winner was an adorable little girl. But something prompted me to read further and I saw that they had a tough time choosing and that they were going to pick a third winner!  Weston and I are the praying types so we prayed that he would be selected a winner.

About thirty minutes later I checked the Springfree Facebook page and saw that Weston’s picture was chosen as the third place winner!  I was screaming and pointing to Weston’s picture on my computer so Computer Geek figured out that we had won. Weston came running into our office to see why I was yelling, and soon he was yelling and high-fiving too!

JULY 9. Arrival Day!
The following two weeks were agonizing for Weston as he eagerly awaited the arrival of his trampoline.  One day, while he was away, the FedEx truck pulled up with three large boxes.  I called Weston and said, “You need to come home. We’ve got to get some school lessons started.”  This video shows some of his excitement as he realized that the real reason I had called him home was sitting in the driveway. (Sorry it’s kind of choppy.)

He wants to marry it.

 This is where the excitement of it all caused certain nameless people to assemble the trampoline without fully reading the instructions. When they got it all put together they realized the instructions said to attach the safety net before inserting the white rods. Oh well. 
It was good experience to take it all apart and put it back together.

Do you know how hard it is to tell children that they can't get on the trampoline just yet? And that they have to wait until we get the safety net put on? Yeah, right. It's like a magnet.

He's waited so many years. Thank you, Springfree Trampoline!

 Avatar and Pinque come over several times a week just to jump. 
It's been a blessing to the whole extended family.

Time for the re-creation of the winning photograph!

Now he no longer has to wait until Wednesday gymnastics classes to fly through the air.

It's so nice to know that Pinque and the other kids would really have to try to get hurt on this trampoline. There are no springs to get caught in, no exposed frame to fall through, and no rigid safety net bars to crash in to. Springfree has thought of everything. 
(Well, except for human stupidity and that's pretty difficult to prevent.)

Weston, Pinque and Avatar. Happy kids!

Chunk and Pixie taking turns. At ages 2 and 3, they've already learned to zip up the safety net before they can jump.

River sometimes comes over by himself, just to have some alone time on the trampoline. Almost daily we have someone come over to jump or to simply  admire the Springfree. It's been quite the attraction because no one we know has anything like it. 

I am really grateful to Springfree for their generosity. I'm afraid I have become a little bit of a trampoline snob. If I look at another trampoline now all I see is a bone-breaking child trap.Although Springfree's trampolines are more expensive than your average injury-inducing trampoline, I can guarantee they are less expensive than your average trip to the emergency room! Many friends who have heard about our prize have come to check it out. All of them marvel at how sturdy it is, how safe it appears, and how unconventional it is. 

If you want to check out the Springfree Trampoline for yourself, either click one of the many links in this post, or click on the Springfree ad on my sidebar. Since our trampoline arrived, the Springfree Facebook page has given away ten more trampolines! Check back frequently to see what new promotions they have going on. 

The Springfree customer service reps are top-notch and truly stand behind their product. They would be happy to assist you. I have dealt with them on several occasions and even though I didn't spend one dime for my trampoline, they treated me with the utmost of courtesy, friendliness and professionalism. Join the ouch-free revolution!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated to write this post nor to put an ad for Springfree on my sidebar. I have done both out of gratitude for the generosity of Springfree in giving away trampolines.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Press Release from Phoenix Quilts

Julie from Having Fun Quilting has been busy since I last posted about her project to put a quilt into the arms of every family who has lost a home to the summer wildfires!  She created a new site to help her in this mammoth venture. If you are a quilter, or have quilting supplies, or if you would like to make a cash donation, please see the press release below, or visit the new website.  Thanks to those of you who have already generously contributed!

Larger Phoenix Quilt Logo

Press Release from Phoenix Quilts
July 12, 2012

"We aren't trying to replace people's bedding . . . we'll let the insurance companies do that.  All we want to do is bring someone a little bit of comfort during such a tragic and difficult time in their lives.  We feel that a quilt can do that almost better than anything else."

That's what I tell people when they ask me why I'm doing this.  That's why I want to put a home-made quilt into the arms of over 800 families who have lost their home to the terrible wildfires that their home just happened to be in the way of . . . simply to bring them a little bit of comfort.  I feel that as these people are trying to rebuild their lives from the ashes that was once their home, a quilt is a great place to start!

What started as a desire to give a quilt to some friends who lost their home to a wildfire, has grown into a determination to reach out to people throughout the Western United States and show them there are a LOT of people in this crazy ol' world who care! 

Obviously, though, there is NO WAY I could sew that many quilts myself.  So I put the challenge out there to my quilting friends.  Through my quilt blog and our other blog, I have had HUNDREDS of quilters, quilt stores, fabric companies, batting companies, and many others, join me in this cause without any hesitation!  Completed quilts, finished quilt tops, beautiful quilt blocks and fabric to make quilts with, and even monetary donations, are shipped or delivered to us daily!  The generosity of these men and women all over the world completely and totally AMAZES me!  This is the most unselfish group of people I have ever been associated with, and I love them all for what they're doing!  Will you please join us in helping those who have lost everything???

The Phoenix bird, as you may remember, rose again from the ashes of his nest after it was burned by fire.  I know these people who have lost their home to a fire will be able to rise again, as well.  That's why we are using the name "Phoenix Quilts . . . Rising from the Ashes."
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