Saturday, June 30, 2012

Calling All Quilters!

Every night on the news for the past week, Computer Geek and I saw video of a new wild fire somewhere in Utah. The one closest to us, about thirty miles away, was the Wood Hollow fire. One life was lost and twenty-nine homes were destroyed.

A local blogger, Julie from Having Fun Quilting, decided to use her skills to provide relief for the homeless. Her friends lost their home while trying to evacuate others, so she decided to help them build new memories with the gift of a quilt.While sewing, a project bloomed in her mind--that of providing a quilt for each of the twenty-nine homeless families. She sent out a call to other quilters for help. The response to Operation Wood Hollow has been staggering. She will now be sending quilts to victims of wild fires across the nation.

Julie is in need of the following donations: quilts of any size, fabric, and money for deliveries. If you can help in any way, please visit her website. You can email her at the email address listed in her Blogger profile, or you can leave her a comment on her blog with what you are willing to do.

You can find more information HERE

Sunset last night as fire burned on the other side of the mountain

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Think He's Growing Up

Weston and I headed for the garden this morning to do some damage control. Either a cat or a peacock sat in my grow boxes and messed up my carefully planted rows of green beans, parsley, lavender and zinnia. We needed to replant those areas.  Weston knows that each morning he is to be available for family time in the yard, either for planting, weeding, harvesting, mowing, or as the occasion warrants, replanting.

Today he was having fun toying with me. I was trying to water the newly planted areas and he kept turning the spray on and off, on and off, thinking that it was pretty hilarious. When we finished our work he said, "I just realized that things go a lot better when I cooperate."

Yup. He said that. Really.

He followed up with, "Yeah, I think that when I don't fight you on everything, we have a lot more fun, don't we?"

I acknowledged that I certainly have a lot more fun when he cooperates.  He said, "When we do things together and I cooperate, then you don't have to yell at me and I'm a lot happier. You seem a lot happier too."  I considered grabbing my video camera and asking him to carefully repeat everything he just said so that I could YouTube it for future reference.

Part of our work today involved mixing soil in our wheelbarrow. Around supper time Computer Geek asked me if I knew the whereabouts of Weston. I said, "There's a wheelbarrow full of dirt in the back yard. He's a boy. My guess is that he's playing in the dirt.

Computer Geek went outside and sure enough found the boy driving his cars through the mounds. He said, "Your mom said I might find you playing in the dirt."

Weston replied, "I'm not playing. I'm designing."

That's right. Playing is for kids. Designing is for teenagers who have discovered that life is more pleasant when they cooperate.

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