Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don't be a Peunt...

You may remember my friend, Gut Laugh Girl, from my very first blog post---way back, oh, about two weeks ago.

GLG loves words as much as I do. We love the way they sound, the way they look when dotting our computer screens from left to right, the way certain word combinations flow over our lips, as smooth as red Kool-Aid on a hot day.

About as much as we talked about words, we talked about men who disgusted us. We were both single moms at the time so we had plenty of fodder for our discussions. (Don't be offended, men. It's those other guys we talked about. Not you.)

The type of man who really got our lips yapping was The Peunt. The Peunt's character traits are so peculiar that you might think there is only one Peunt in the entire world. Nope. I assure you, every unattached woman has met a Peunt. Granted, some Peunts are worse than others.

A man who asks a woman on a date, but then asks her to drive.

Slab Peunt
A man, who after asking a woman to drive on the date, takes her to a movie only to say, "Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I left my wallet at home. Can you pay this once?"

Peuntus Kincaid
A man, who after making the woman drive and pay, criticizes the route she took to take him home. "Did you know you can save approximately 3.5 minutes if you don't take the interstate? Plus now we have to stop at a light."

Any similarities to a man named Simon in Iowa are purely coincidental.

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