Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Learning to Slow Down

I have an eating disorder. No, not one of the biggies like binging and purging or anorexia. In fact, it may be more like an eating eccentricity. My food fetish is this: I pretty much consider eating a waste of time, and will only eat if I can combine it with another activity.

On days that Computer Geek and Weston are off doing their own things, sometimes I don't even eat. Why?  Because the pain of making and cleaning up after food costs more than the pleasure derived from eating it.
When I eat, I usually have a book or computer screen in front of me. At night, we eat dinner while watching Jeopardy. I think I feel that the only way I can justify taking time to eat is if I am doing something productive at the same time.

There's an inherent problem in eating this way. I am not conscious that I am eating. Then to justify that I am sitting down and doing something pleasurable, i.e. reading and resting, I keep eating. When I stop eating, then I can no longer justify relaxing.  I know, it's a twisted game I play.

Today for lunch I made corn on the cob. I looked around for a book to read so I could be "productive" while eating. Unfortunately, God didn't make book-reading and corn-eating things that you could do simultaneously, not unless you have one hand to hold the book and two hands to hold the corn cob. Aha! I would go get caught up on my emails!

That didn't work either. My plate didn't fit on my desk, unless I wanted to remove my keyboard or have corn juice splashing on my screen.  I was kind of frantic, trying to figure out something I could do while eating, when suddenly it was as if I heard a voice in my head...

Just sit down and eat and enjoy your corn.

Like without a book?

Yes. Just enjoy the corn.

Wow, it was a novel concept, but I thought I could give it a try. I buttered and salted and peppered my corn and sat down at the table to eat it. Without a book. Without Alex Trebeck. Without having a conversation with family or Facebook. Just me and the corn.

It was good. And when I was finished, I stopped. I didn't go get more food so that I could justify reading a little bit more. It was kind of nice. I may have to enjoy my food more often instead of mindlessly eating while engrossed in other things.

I may have to just stop and enjoy the little things.

Friday, August 23, 2013

I Have Eggselent Friends

I have a few friends who are telepaths.  Some mornings I get up, ready to make breakfast, look in my egg carton and say to myself, "Uh-oh. We only have two eggs left."

My telepathic friends hear that. In less than 48 hours one of them shows up at my door and hands me a gift from the gals back at the coop. It's amazing how that works.

Some days, more than one telepathic friend shows up bearing eggs. No problem. I just go into baked-good overdrive and everyone is happy.

This morning while preparing breakfast burritos, I had to stop and take a picture of the eggs before I cracked some open. When you think about it, eggs are simply lovely.

Stop and enjoy the little things.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Tour of Utah Bike Race Brush with Greatness

I live in a small town. Small as in I can hop in my car and be anywhere in town within five minutes. Small as in the newspaper comes out once a week. Small as in there are only two drive-through food establishments in town. And no stop lights.

So when I heard that the world-famous Tour of Utah bike racers would be coming through town last Thursday, I headed to Main Street for the event. People were lined on both sides of the street, waiting for the bikers to cycle through. We knew they were coming because of the long line of police vehicles, media personnel,  and roadies that came through first.

I had my camera at the ready. I waited. And waited. And kept stepping out into the street to see if they were coming. Finally someone yelled "Here they come!"

I raised camera to eye only to discover that in all that waiting the camera had powered down. By the time I got it powered on, they had whizzed past me at a speed that no car had ever attempted. Seriously, doesn't the speed limit apply to bicycles too?  Why do they get to whiz down Main Street at 60 m.p.h.? In a school zone no less? Granted, school hadn't started yet, but I'm trying to make a point since I have to find some sort of excuse as to why I MISSED THE TOUR OF UTAH WHILE I WAS TRYING TO POWER UP MY CAMERA!

So yeah. The event I waited for sped by me in less than seven seconds. But I did get a parting shot.

Yeah, they look like they are pedaling leisurely by, but I assure you that if they were cars they would have gotten a big fat dorktown Utah speeding ticket, the fines of which would probably make it so our town could afford a policeman. (Did I mention our town is so small that we have no police force?)

By the way, this race is supposedly one of the most difficult stage races in America because of the desert heat and the ascension through the mountains.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge EAT and SMELLS DELICIOUS

Doubling up here to get caught up....


During the summer a plate of tomatoes from the garden can be my breakfast, lunch, supper, elevensies, four o'clock tea, my 1:00 A.M. snack, or all of the above. When offered, I have never said, "No thank you--we have enough tomatoes."  If I can't eat them fast enough I freeze them and later make spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and soup base out of them. In my dream world, tomatoes grow even in the winter.


I assume this category was meant more for food, but when I thought about which food smells the most delicious to me, well, then we are back at tomatoes again. My front entryway is graced by hot pink, blush, peach, crimson, white, and yellow roses. The accompanying scent is indeed delicious.

Even Chunk thinks so.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge STARTS WITH "T"

This is the track where I go walking almost every night with daughter Em and a few others. Well, actually, the others run and I walk. Em circles the track twice for every one of my laps.

As you can see, even though the city has us civilians on water restrictions (3x per week, only between the hours of 6 PM-10AM because "even though your grass is brown, it is not dead, only dormant" ) the grass at the high school track is a vivid green. The sprinkler on the far end waters only the track, not the grass. I guess since there is nothing going on at the track during summer vacation, they are keeping that grass green solely for the benefit of those who go for walks there.

T is also for a nostalgic look at boys and their toys in
Madonna Dries Christensen's anthology, Toys Remembered

This is a fun look at toys throughout past decades from the vantage point of actual users--boys! Reading this took me back to my childhood and caused me to reflect on toys that I had forgotten all about. From Thomas the Tank Engine to a Spyder bike to classic marbles, the authors of the stories bring these treasured toys to life, inspiring the reader to perhaps document the stories of their own toys before they are forgotten forever.

Mandatory Government Disclaimer: You read my blog.You see a link.The link takes you to a page where you can buy something if you want.You buy something.
I might get a commission.
There you have it.

Monday, July 22, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge SHARE

Hoo boy, am I ever behind on the July Photo-a-Day Challenge. Totally not my fault, unless I somehow managed to intentionally cause mass chaos in the workings of my computer. And why would I do that when I HATE COMPUTER PROBLEMS SO MUCH?

After many days of working on my computer, trying to figure out why it suddenly decided that going into a constant reboot cycle was ever so entertaining, my precious Computer Geek decided to cannibalize a spare computer we had and rebuild a new computer for me. Just so you know, computer geeks always have spare computers hanging around.That is why my kitchen table frequently looks like this:

I need to decide, would I rather have a place to eat my dinner or would I rather have a functioning computer? I think you know the answer.

In the interim, I had to use Computer Geek's and Weston's computers. If you've ever had to use someone else's system, you know this was not a happy time for the Queen of Quang. Even though "all keyboards are the same" blah blah blah, I'll have you know that each keyboard is like an extension of its owner's fingers. It is part of you. When you have to use someone else's keyboard, it's like slipping into someone else's shoe and then going for a walk. Yeah, it's a shoe and it serves its purpose, but the whole time that shoe is uncomfortable and the world feels a little off-kilter. Plus, I have my computer set up the way I like it. My Excel spreadsheets are formatted so that when I enter a URL into a cell, then later click on that cell, it takes me immediately to proper website. Not so with Computer Geek's. His cells were formatted to do absolutely squat when I click on them. So then it's the tedium of copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste, ad nauseum.

But finally! I have a working new-ish computer that rocks! It's way faster than the old one, and now I can watch video on my computer! Score!  Plus there's that added benefit of having a computer that no longer spontaneously reboots--over and over and over. Once I had the new-ish computer though, I realized that uh-oh, I now had to reinstall all my software. Do you think for one minute I could find the software for downloading photos from camera to computer? No siree. At long last I found it, in the precise place where I last put it. Who knew? 

So, without further ado (don't you love it when someone writes "Without further adue/adieu..."?  Yeah, me neither) here is the photo challenge from...oh, someday last week. Share.

Grandson Avatar was told he could invite someone over to share his pizza. He chose Uncle Weston, without even knowing that I had a "share" assignment to fulfill. I love when my universe is in harmony.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge SOMETIMES I...and EMOTION

I'm combining two themes today because:
1. I'm behind and need to get caught up.
2. The pictures I want to use for both themes are from the same event.

Sometimes I...
...get a little freaked out when people that I knew as small children are now at the age when they get married. How did that happen?  
When did they go from little girls to beautiful young women?
One day they are patiently plodding through Silas Marner in my class.
Then they are falling in love and finding young men to marry.
How do they grow up before my eyes when I haven't aged a day?

Joy and encouragement, on the face of the young bride.
Trepidation on the groom's face as he attempts dancing in front of a crowd.
Boredom on the face of the young man in the background. It's a wedding.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Photo-a-Day Challenge TOY

Yesterday's theme was TOY.  Yes, I am a slacker blogger, thank you. The theme fit in perfectly with activities at our house yesterday.

May I introduce Mr. iPad Mini. He is the favorite toy of a certain fourteen year old who is very close to me, but who shall remain nameless, even though he goes by an alias anyway. Mr. iPad Mini allows Nameless Teenager to play his favorite game, shown above. (Nameless Teenager has Irish roots.)

The game allows NT to ignore his mother when she says, "Time for dinner."
"Just a minute," he says.

His mother says, "I need your help in the garden."
"As soon as I help the Druid attain the next level," he says.

His mother says, "Your laundry is done. Put it away now."
"I just need thirteen minutes for my elixir to finish," he says.

Yesterday, Mr. iPad Mini went on a vacation that didn't include Nameless Teenager.
In fact, all electronic devices in our home went on hiatus. 
Poor Nameless Teenager.
What was he to do?

Pick up a book?
The horror.

No, without his BFF, NT resorted to digging out a long-lost childhood friend.

Mr. Moon Sand

I cracked open NT's bedroom door to see if he had somehow found a way to subvert the lesson he was supposed to be learning. Instead, he was lying on the floor navigating Mr. Tonka Mini through the sand, and making vehicular noises.

While it's not quite a book, moon sand was an acceptable alternative to whining, "How many hours until I can have my iPad back?"
And he said, "Today is the most boring day of my life" only nineteen times.

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