Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chicks in the 'Hood

The Hood

I am very lucky in that I live in a neighborhood in which people adhere to the policy of "Live and Let Live." In fact, I'd be willing to stick my neck out and say that for the most part, our whole town is like that.

We don't call the cops on each other when someone's music is a little too loud. Our thought is, "Hey, the neighbor is spending one of his few days off, out in the yard, playing with his kids and making improvements. Let the AC/DC roll!" 

If someone is out shooting fireworks other than on an "approved" holiday, I don't get my shorts in a bunch. I just figure they must be celebrating someone's birthday and had some leftovers from July 4.

Some stranger cuts through my back yard so they don't have to walk an extra three blocks? Go for it. Just leave my yard as you found it. Or better yet, pick up a rake on your way through and help out.

The guy down the block plants tall wildflowers in his front yard instead of grass. The neighbors don't complain that it's an eyesore, or looks messy. They appreciate the view as they stroll by.

The Chicks

Our next door neighbors, as a family project, built a chicken coop and stocked it with a few egg-layers. The first thing the grandkids do when they come over is say, "Can we go see the chickens?"  Since the coop borders our yard, they get a good view.

Baby Elephant and Chunk love to sing along with the rooster when he gets crowing.

Our neighbors open the coop and let the chickens out for some fresh air several times a week.
Uh-oh. Do they get in my yard?
Do they get in my garden?
Yup. In fact they ate a whole flat of vegetable starts that I left sitting out in the yard, waiting to be planted.
Do I complain about it?

Why not?????

Well, for one, I think it's great that my neighbors let their chickens "free-range" as we call it. It's good for the chickens and it's good for their eggs. 

Two, I live in a rural area. If I don't want chickens, deer, or baby goats in or near my yard, I know what to do--either move to an urban area or invest in the resources to protect my garden from them.

Three, they eat grasshoppers which would cause more damage to my garden than the chickens ever would.

Four, we sometimes get free eggs!

And of course the final reason has to do with a couple of little kids who have totally succumbed to the charms of the chicks in the hood.

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  1. You take my breath away with your wisdom, compassion and genuine kindness. I know that you've got a heart as big as the sky and a sunny, sharing nature, but this isn't laid-backness, but something much deeper and more spiritual. I could feel the tension in my body as you described the folk cutting through the yard and the chickens eating your starter veg when I know how much work you put into gardening. I'd see the noise, fireworks and other folks' yards as outside of my 'circle of control' so they wouldn't bother me, but I must be so much more 'territorial' than you and definitely less evolved; someone cutting across my garden would have me out there, adrenalin-fuelled. My husband's more like you; he has this talent for weighing up the big picture instantly and seeing what would cause more stress in the long run - that's how he was able to "pick his battles" with our teenagers - but I react primally if folk assault my ears, my personal space, my sense of smell, and I have to do more damage limitation and pulling back than he does.

    Having said all that, I think if I had grandkids as gorgeous as that, I'd become Ghandiesque just to see them smile!


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