Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Insult Women Without Really Trying

Weston turned fourteen the other day. Old enough to know better, I would think.

In conversation with his sister, Em:
"You should get on my trampoline and jump. It holds 250 pounds."

In conversation with me, his selfless, devoted, adoring mother:
"Mom, you could even fit in this hammock. It says it can hold up to 300 pounds."

We're so fat that between the two of us I think we could tackle him and sit on him until he apologizes. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Borrowing Chunk

There is nothing like having little people around to make you appreciate life's seemingly humdrum moments.

Earlier this week daughter Em was feeling poorly so I took advantage of the situation and swiped her son. Chunk is always good to have around for entertainment purposes, but this week I was happy to have him around for introspection purposes.

I used to wonder why Computer Geek needed to have 2 monitors running at all times. I assumed it was a nerd thing, but now I know--it's so he can work and Chunk can watch Cars.

One day, he was eating lunch and yelled, "Grandma! Look!" I went into the kitchen to see what was so important. He said, "Look, I can see the sun in the salt!"  Do you remember being so intrigued with small miracles? I loved the reflection on his cute little face.

He knows it's his job to pick the red ones.


He sooo wanted to pick these, but he mustered all his self-control and simply admired.

I had to hold him up so he could see the sunflower. I explained how I planted them because they remind me of my daughter, his Aunt Kay. When she was little, she had freckles across her nose, blond hair, and big brown eyes--a perfect sunflower. 

Both of us with our "maters."  
[The other side of his cup is Mater from Cars. Yeah, and my table was shabby before shabby was chic. Does that make it chicer?]

Em is feeling better now. I'll have to think of a new reason to steal Chunk away this week.

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