Saturday, September 1, 2012

Borrowing Chunk

There is nothing like having little people around to make you appreciate life's seemingly humdrum moments.

Earlier this week daughter Em was feeling poorly so I took advantage of the situation and swiped her son. Chunk is always good to have around for entertainment purposes, but this week I was happy to have him around for introspection purposes.

I used to wonder why Computer Geek needed to have 2 monitors running at all times. I assumed it was a nerd thing, but now I know--it's so he can work and Chunk can watch Cars.

One day, he was eating lunch and yelled, "Grandma! Look!" I went into the kitchen to see what was so important. He said, "Look, I can see the sun in the salt!"  Do you remember being so intrigued with small miracles? I loved the reflection on his cute little face.

He knows it's his job to pick the red ones.


He sooo wanted to pick these, but he mustered all his self-control and simply admired.

I had to hold him up so he could see the sunflower. I explained how I planted them because they remind me of my daughter, his Aunt Kay. When she was little, she had freckles across her nose, blond hair, and big brown eyes--a perfect sunflower. 

Both of us with our "maters."  
[The other side of his cup is Mater from Cars. Yeah, and my table was shabby before shabby was chic. Does that make it chicer?]

Em is feeling better now. I'll have to think of a new reason to steal Chunk away this week.


  1. This was an excellent post, in content and photos. And really, it seems like only a few months ago that Chunk was a baby. My guess is that his mom will let you borrow him most any time you want.

  2. Thank you so much, Auntie M.! And yes, it really does seem like only a few months ago that he was a baby. He makes us so happy.

  3. jrcbuzby: I'm positive it's because he has my brown eyes. :)

  4. My first (b)log-on for.... well YOU know how long! And what joy I always find here!! I'm so glad you're still blogging and Auntie M is still her wonderful, supportive self. Chunk is gorgeous and this short but perfect post is a reminder of how important it is to love the details and the fleeting moments. That's one of the nastiest effects of depression; the short-circuiting of the pleasure you get from living in the now. Hope to log back on properly soon. ~Jx

  5. Anonymous: You can only be my Janice! How are you? Yes, I'm still blogging, um sporadically. :) I need to get better about it. And I hope to hear more from you, my dear!

    1. I sent an email to the email address on your site, the same time I posted the comment, but maybe it's been spam dunked...

      No need to blog any more than you do, m'dear. Sporadic good stuff from you is better than a lot of the superficial, slapdash stuff or daily drudge writing so many so-called professionals produce. That's why I eventually stuck to a few familiar, friendly, heart felt blogs before I finally walked away from blogging. If I start writing again, I may either go password protected or anonymous. I don't know. But one thing's for sure, your writing just gets better and better and you could easily make a career of inspiring folk with your words. Hope to speak to you soon.

  6. Chunk is ridiculously adorable!!! We have 2 monitors running in this house all the time too!


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