Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Garage to Man Cave

What do you do when you’re a single guy with a garage, you don’t need to park in it, and you don’t have enough tools to fill it up?

You turn the garage into a man cave, that’s what.

Michael Berg, of Monroe, Washington, decided to get creative with his unused space. Inspired by the history of Seattle’s underground city, he turned an average sized garage into a prohibition-era speakeasy themed retreat. Family and friends gather there for drinks, good food (Michael’s well-known in his family for his culinary and entertainment skills,) and scintillating conversation.

Over time, the Speakeasy, as it has come to be known, has gone through several design iterations. It has been a casino, a venue for a murder mystery dinner, and is now elaborately decorated as a pirate’s cave.  A digital designer, Michael has utilized his talents to bring fantasy to life and create a wondrous, fanciful ambience.

Ordinary garage on the outside...

...pirate's den on the inside!

Michael Berg in The Speakeasy

Serving food and drinks to his guests

One unfortunate pirate slept a little too long

Michael's choice of lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere

The bayou mural was painted by Michael's niece

The theme is continued throughout the entire "garage"

Refreshing limeade

The evening's finishing touch--Michael's homemade berry shortcake with strawberries hand-picked from 
the family garden.
I'll never look at another garage without visualizing its entertainment possibilities.


  1. That does look like a good number of happy partygoers would enjoy that decor!!! Great pictures, Randi.

  2. What a guy. It looks as if this could be a commercial success, except it's probably not in a neighborhood zoned for business.

  3. septembermom: Yeah, I would say that probably 25-30 people could comfortably party there at one time. It was a neat experience to have dinner there with family.

    Auntie M: He's an amazing guy--very talented in many areas. You're right- I think a lot of people would enjoy something like this, but it probably isn't zoned for that.

  4. Randi, I have loved all your posts about your trip. Your pictures are beautiful! You rock!

  5. Lela: Thank you. Sadly, none of my photos are as lovely as Lela's Loverlies. :)

  6. Wow! Looks like a great place to party!

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm following you now too.

    Have a great week.

  7. Pam: Thank you so much for stopping by! It's always great to see new faces as well as old friends. Thanks again for the great giveaway. ( Even though it will decrease my odds of winning *sigh* you all should enter Pam's delicious rustic box giveaway on her site!)


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