Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Heart Seattle Part 2

How can you not have fun on Beach Drive?

Drop one crumb of your lunch and these fellas will descend upon you. Peck your eye out in the process? They care not.

Computer Geek's childhood home. And...

HIS FRONT YARD! (Well, across the street from his front yard.)

The Space Needle is always impressive.

Alki Beach on the Puget Sound (Weston is in the red cap.)

Beach grass...driftwood...crashing waves...Ahhhh

Sunset on the Puget Sound
Blake Island in the background
God loves me. A trip to the Pacific Ocean was not in the plans during this trip, much to my chagrin. Luckily, Computer Geek's nephew was camping at the ocean with friends and LOST HIS CAR KEYS! There was a family summit, trying to determine who would make the three hour trip to the ocean to take the spare keys to David. We were the only ones who raised our hands and said, "Pick me! Pick me!"  
Divine intervention, I tell ya.

We had to keep moving our chairs back because the tide was coming in.

The ocean--it simultaneously calms and invigorates


  1. Looks wonderful here. I remember that Billie hated Seattle, said it did nothing but rain.

  2. Auntie M: Computer Geek said to me just today, "Ah, my wife loves Seattle. That's because she's never seen it when it rains eight months out of the year."

  3. All these Seattle pictures remind me how much I want to watch Grey's Anatomy....only two more months. :(

  4. Levizmom--Maybe you will recognize some scenes when you watch the show! I know they show the Space Needle don't they?

  5. Beautiful pictures :) That would be some backyard view!! Your comments about the birds came me a flashback of that Hitchcock movie. LOL

    The ocean looks so inviting...

  6. septembermom: I watched that Hitchcock movie as a child and was haunted for years by the fear of birds pecking my face! Hitchcock was the master of making us get creeped out by ordinary things.


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