Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dont take out your trash before the bag is full

    I was checking my email the other day and kept thinking to myself, "Something smells good."  Not chocolate molten fudge cake good, but clean sheets from a clothesline good. I finally determined the pleasant scent was coming from my desk, which if you've seen my desk lately, you'd know was a ridiculous thought.
     After rummaging about a bit, I finally located the source--a piece of mail from the good people at Vocalpoint. I opened it and found it was a sample garbage bag. I know what you're probably thinking---the last time you sniffed a garbage bag you wanted to hurl, right?
      This trash bag was packaged in a cute little gray cardboard holder that was dressed up like---get this---a garbage can! I thought it was exceptionally creative and cute.

Yes, I plan on recycling this gray metallic holder for some crafty purpose.

    The garbage bag was one of those stretchy Glad ForceFlex bags that keep expanding when you stuff it full of abusive materials. It was a garbage bag with a twist--it smelled divine.
     The new Glad ForceFlex bags are Febreze scented.  (I will let you in on a little Queen of Quang secret: When I know I have company coming, I squirt Febreze all over my furniture.) The premise is that you don't have to take out your garbage before the bag is full, just because it stinks. I don't know about you, but I have taken out many a trash bag before it was full, because I had some offensive remnants in the trash---goodies like leftover broccoli or death beans (refried beans that have spent one too many nights in the fridge.) 
    I put the sample in the kitchen can this afternoon. I am hoping that I can stuff that baby full and stretch it to its limits before I have to take it out. Because you know I'm a frugalista like that. And because I want that good-smelling bag to keep up the illusion that my kitchen is clean.
    And because I am such a frugalista and want to force you to be one too, I am giving away a 50 cent coupon for the bags to the first five couponers to leave me a comment telling me you want one.
(If you are one of the first five commenters who want one, send me an email at foreignquang at gmail dot com with your snail mail address.)  The sample came with coupons clearly addressed "For a Friend." Because I am an upstanding citizen and would never cheat in any way, I would never hog all these valuable coupons for myself.
The first picture I took had the bar code in the shot and then I realized "Boy, that was stupid."

See? They gave me coupons to give to YOU! I know, it's enough to make an extreme couponer weep.

So go ahead. Leave me a comment. First five get a 50 cent coupon and if you're smart and wait for the day your store does double coupons, that's a whole dollar! 
Obligatory disclaimer because the government says so: I was not paid cash to say any of the things I said. If I was, I am sure I could have turned this post into a full-fledged novel. I did receive a free trash bag in the mail, along with some coupons, which I am passing along because they were marked "For a Friend" and I am sure there is some sort of tracking chip in the bar code that will detect if I use them myself. Oh, and they did have one marked for my own particular use. 
(I use that phrase a lot ever since hearing it uttered by Charlotte Collins in Pride and Prejudice.)


  1. I want a trash bag coupon!!! Pick me!

  2. Levizmom: You're number 1! Any takers for number 2? Anyone? Anyone? (I use that phrase after hearing Ben Stein say it on Ferris Bueller.)

  3. Can i be the NO.2 im in India. hahaha.. i think these bags are the one I need at the time. LOTS OF LOVE


  4. Naqvee: If you want the 50 cent coupon sent to you in India, I will do it! :) Do USA coupons work in India? Glad to see you around, my dear. Love to you, too!

  5. septembermom: It's coming your way!


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