Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All Hail the Power of Bauer

We watch too much 24.

My son-in-law got me addicted. Two years ago, he insisted I watch the two hour season premiere with him. Not being much of a TV-head, I politely declined. He persisted. I gave in, thinking maybe he was covertly seeking a mother-in-law bonding moment. I'll do this for Matt, I stoically said to myself.

Well, those of you who watch 24 know what happened. The Power of Bauer sucked me in. What's not to love about a man who can go a full day without eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom? Whose cell phone battery never dies?

After that season, we cancelled our cable service. I didn't watch Jack for almost a year. In a conversation with the S-I-L one day I admitted that I had not watched 24 for quite some time, and told him that some day he would have to get me caught up. "There is no Jack. There's a writer's strike." I had not missed a thing in a year!

The past few weeks, after buying an antenna so we can at least get the locals, we have been occupied every Monday night. It was tonight though that I realized we may be a little too addicted.

Jeremiah and I were sitting on the sofa, watching some some travelogue about Italy. Jere, suddenly startled, said, "What was that red light?" I had not seen it, so I, anxious to win that 2009 Mother of the Year Award, ignored him.

A minute later, there it was again--a bright red laser light shining on our living room blinds. We both screamed, "AAAAAGGH!" Jeremiah jumped over the back of the couch and crouched behind it, a la Jack Bauer himself. I ran to the side door and locked it, then slid along the walls, careful to avoid the windows. Jeremiah yelled, "Lock the other door too!" I sacrificed my life for his and dashed past an unshaded window ( in full view of the possible assassin ) to get to the door. Even though he doesn't know me, I could feel Jack's pride in me.

With the house securely in lock-down, we went to my bedroom to find Tim. He followed us to the scene. We pointed out exactly where the light was bouncing off the blinds. Like a CTU investigator, Tim determined which window the light had to have shone through.

It was probably just some kid playing around with a laser light. But I was thoroughly creeped out the rest of the evening. I mean, who stands outside someone's home, directing a laser beam through a window? The NSA, that's who!


  1. Your Unc Chris watches 24, when he can figure out what night and time it's on; they keep switching it here. He laughed while reading this blog entry.

  2. Uncle Chris is a good man! Tell him they have it online to download if no other options are available.

  3. You know one of the many reasons I love you? I thought I was the only one in the world who thought, while watching Jack save the world every series, that he never eats, drinks or goes to the bathroom!

    We have to get the DVD's for Christmas here; we don't have the satellite station it's on now.

  4. Janice: We SO think alike!That's the only thing that bugs me about the show. They could at least show Jack snarfing a granola bar while driving, or show him coming out of a restroom zipping up his fly so we know he's human!

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