Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Wii or not to Wii...

...that was the question.

We were surprised this Christmas with a Wii playset. It was obvious to us that the giver (who wished to remain anonymous, but we found out anyway!) had spent a lot of money on us. Tim checked out all the components online and found that together they were valued at almost $500.

Instantly, we had a difference of opinion.

Tim--It's a video game set. Video games are addicting. We don't want Jeremiah to become a mush-head. We should take it back and get a new TV instead. I've told my kids for years that video games are not good. They will feel that I am a hypocrite if I keep this gift.

Randi--It was a well thought-out gift. The giver obviously thought we needed a little more fun in our lives. Also, he spent a lot of time making sure everything was compatible. I would not want to cause offense if he found out we took it back. Most places want a receipt on returned items anyway. How can we go to the "anonymous" giver and ask where he got the Wii, and could we please have the receipt? I say keep it. We can regulate Jeremiah's time on it.

Jeremiah--Is there anyone out there who wonders what Jeremiah's opinion was? Remember, he's ten.

What do you think we did? Did we keep the Wii, and become jello-heads? Did we take it back and buy something else really cool like an encyclopedia? What happened, what oh what?

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