Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Love of Mine

Boys are cute.

Jeremiah had just spent the last half hour or so picking through the rocks in our driveway. He came in with three gems that he had mined.

One was a white rock, another was black, and a third was a teeny tiny lavender cube that had the letter "u" embossed on each face. It had a hole drilled through it as if it had once been a part of some child's bead bracelet.

Jeremiah: Mom, pick one of these rocks to keep.

Me, studying each one: Hmmm, they are all very pretty but this black one is flat on the bottom and kind of reminds me of a shoe. I think I'll pick that one.

Obviously, I had picked the wrong one, because Jeremiah shuffled away, shoulders hunched, head down.

Me: What's wrong, Bud? Did you want the shoe rock for yourself?

Jeremiah: No, I was just hoping that you would pick the one with my love in it.

Mothers--I swear we are clueless sometimes.

Me: Um, well which one had your love in it?

He handed me the bitty lavender cube. Then I knew. He had picked that one for me because my favorite color is purple and he wanted to please me. I had to make things right.

Me: Actually, that is exactly the one I really wanted, but I wanted you to have that one because it is so pretty.

He smiled, happy to know that I ended up with the jewel he had desired for me.

That teeny tiny bitty cube is just bursting with love.

P.S. Auntie M and Jill, does this remind you of anyone?


  1. Awww, two little peas in a pod!

  2. LOL; it does indeed. Children are wonderful.


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