Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Did Wii Do?

Wii kept it! But, in order to keep the Wii, wii had to make some changes. Our TV apparently broke during our move. Luckily wii had a spare. But that TV was so old, it did not have Wii hookups, nor sound that would come through our speakers.

You know what wii did next, don't you? Wii had to go buy a new TV, one that was compatible with the Wii. But then our old DVD player no longer worked with the new TV! So wii had to buy a new DVD player too, and a new antenna so wii could get the digital channels on our new TV. Needless to say, wii spent another $500 to avoid wii-turning the Wii.

Wii got invited to Megan's house for New Year's Eve. "Could you bring your Wii with you?" she asked. Of course wii were happy to bring it along. See the video of grandson Levi, playing.

After wii got home from Megan's, around 12:30 a.m., my husband (the non-addicted one) played Wii for the next two hours.

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