Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flu Lotto

Each day we wait anxiously to see who the winners will be. Winners of what, you are asking. The Superbowl? American Idol? The Price is Right?

Nay. I am talking about our school's Flu Lottery.

It started last Wednesday with our adorable first graders. Normally, there are twelve pixies in the class, but that day only five showed up. The rest had this horrible strain of the flu that lasts four days and is accompanied by the legendary flu symptoms. So the news went out---no school for first graders for the rest of the week! Yay!

Thursday's winners were the second and third grade combined classes. Three kids, out of seven, were added to the list of flu invalids. The decision was made---second and third graders, go home!

As you can imagine, the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders were a little testy on Thursday. Why can't we go home? Waaah!

Friday brought even more elation as more winners were announced. Half the fourth grade class had succumbed to the flu monster so fourth graders got to go home! (Except for my very unlucky son, who had to hang around school for 6 more hours while his mama taught fifth grade. But that was better than actually thinking.)

Today in Sunday School, the numbers were frightening. Out of 41 enrolled children, only eighteen showed up. The rest were home with the flu. (Wait...this was Super Bowl Sunday, wasn't it? Yeah, I wasn't born yesterday.)

After polling parents in church, to see whose kids were really sick and not just home on the couch eating chips and flipping the remote, the big fat losers of Flu Lotto were announced.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eleventh grades--school as normal tomorrow!

Everybody else---No school until Wednesday!

I never win anything.


  1. I won a tire pump in a drawing at a hardware store in Sibley. About 1957.

  2. Do you still have it? :)

    And more importantly, is that the last thing you've won?

  3. Alas, I don't have the pump; some things just don't last. I've won photography and writing awards. Does that count?

  4. You bet they count!

    [ To see why Auntie M. wins awards, check out the Pond! See why Sarah smiles!]


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