Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Frigid Beauty

When we announced that we were heading to the lake last Saturday afternoon, we got the typical ten-year old boy questions. "Do I have to go? Why are we going to the lake in winter? That's stupid. What is there going to be to do? Can I stay home?"

Being proponents of the No Free Choice For Children movement (I'm kidding, I'm kidding!) we forced him to go with us.

After an hour of trying to crash rocks through the lake ice, riding on a tree stump that looked like Nessie, watching four deer make their way through the mountain vegetation, and observing a few mallard ducks fishing for dinner, we were bombarded with the typical ten-year old boy questions. "Can't we stay longer? I hardly got to play. It's not dark yet---why do we have to go?"


  1. Great photos of the kid, especially the one on Nessie.

  2. Don't you love that about kids? I try to get mine to think ahead about all the fun he's going to have, but for some reason, he hasn't quite figured it out...


  3. Auntie M: And they say Nessie isn't real!
    Although you can't tell by the picture, he's about five feet in the air.

    Daisy: So you know what I'm talking about! I'm just so glad that I majored in psychology--it helps me outsmart him. And he's one tough cookie!


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