Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cool Things we did in 2008

[What? I was supposed to compile this list in January? That's expecting a lot from someone who hasn't mailed her father's Christmas gifts yet!]

Found out daughter Megan is pregnant with her second child--another boy!

Celebrated Tim's 50th Birthday

Had an outdoor breakfast on a cold rainy morning--the men cooked!

Hung out with the coolest 4th graders ever in Park City

Met author of Pursuit of Happyness Chris Gardner

Went on a helicopter ride over the mountains

Had a tea party with some fairies--ate lavender cookies and drank lavender lemonade

Saw a real joust

Chatted with a 2008 Presidential Candidate--Chuck Baldwin

Flew in a helicopter over Lake Powell

Hung out on a millionaire's houseboat

Saw my son win first prize in a Soulja Boy Dance Contest--he can shake it!

Saw my son win 3rd prize in the Pinewood Derby


  1. Looks like last year held a lot of happiness for you and your loved ones : )

  2. It did! You know, you never realize how full and sweet your life really is until you look at your pictures in review. It's those little moments that make the year so full.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. This is a sweet list. Love the face lift you gave your page. The mountains are a nice touch. Jeremiah looks so proud in every picture. Good on you!


  4. Hi Daisy! Thanks for coming over!

    Yeah, I like the mountains too. I wanted something that screamed "UTAH!" This photo is about an hour away from where I live.

    Jeremiah has learned to cooperate when mom has a camera. The sooner I can get a good picture, the sooner his body can start moving again! :)


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