Sunday, October 12, 2014

Little Tikes Review--Grey Sports Touch 'N' Go Racer

 I have received this product from MGA as part of their toy tester program.


Recently I was invited to become a member of Team Little Tikes. Since I'm a grandma, or an adopted grandma, to quite a few little ones, I thought this would be a perfect chance to test out some new toys. I've always thought Little Tikes Website toys were not only educational, but fun and sturdy as well.

The first toy Little Tikes Website sent me was the Grey Sports Touch 'N' Go Racer. I think I was just as excited as the grandchildren to see how this speedy racer worked.  When I showed up with a toy in hand, none of the three could contain their excitement.

I showed 5-year-old Chunk how to remove the tab that protects the batteries (which were provided--yay!) from being drained before actual usage. He mastered that easily enough. Then he helped me remove the car itself from the packaging. I loved that the car was attached by means of blue twisty paper in a figure-8 shape. Two small twists and the car was out and ready for play! No assembly required. (That was important to me when I had three small children waiting for action!)

Easy Access!

Both Chunk and 4-year-old Pixie got the hang of it immediately and had fun pressing the various buttons to make sounds, that of an engine starting, a horn honking, and the engine revving. The most fun though was pressing that "Go" button to see the car take off on its own, 15-20 feet down the length of a cement porch! We finally had to make the children take turns because all three were so excited to make that car go. 


 The package was marked for 2+ Years, but our 2-year-old Miss Baby Elephant had a little trouble. She couldn't seem to comprehend that she needed to press the "Go" button and then let the car go on its own. She held on to the car after pressing "Go" until the wheels stopped spinning, then threw it to make it "go."  No amount of tutoring helped her to get the hang of it. (Her mom thought maybe she was just trying to keep the other two from getting the car!) The sturdiness of the car amazed me, as it survived quite a few of her "tosses."


We took the car inside too, to see how well it did on an area rug, and it soared across the living room floor just as well as it did outside. It wasn't long before they wanted to take it back outside so they had room to watch it fly!

The Little Tikes Grey Sports Touch 'N' Go Racer provided over an hour's worth of outdoor play for these three kids that evening, and is still going strong a few weeks later. I think that Chunk's shirt says it all!  

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  1. Your comments make me want to play.

  2. Thanks! It's really a fun little car. Chunk was ecstatic.


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