Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick! Act Now!

Daughter Megan is the manager of an internet based company. She oversees about 120 customer service representatives.

Sometimes customer complaints get escalated and the individual calling in will no longer speak to the entry-level representative. They want someone at the top.

Such was the case when Megan took over a call a few weeks ago.

Caller: This is ------------ from the Better Business Bureau. I am responding to a customer complaint and would like to ask you a few questions about your website.

Megan: I can answer those questions for you.

Caller: Thank you. Ma’am, is it true that your website has a countdown timer on the front page, indicating how much time a potential customer has left to take advantage of particular sales that you may be running?

Megan: Yes, that is true.

Caller: Ma’am, can you tell me how a blind person looking at your website can be expected to know that there is a countdown timer and therefore be able to take advantage of the sale?

Megan: Did you say how would a blind person looking at my website…?

Caller: Ma’am I encourage you to be serious here.

Megan: I am being serious here. How would I expect a blind person to see anything that was written on our website?

Caller: Ma’am, do you or do you not, have a procedure in place, such as a voice or an alarm that would indicate to a blind person that certain sales have a time limit?

Megan: No, but then we generally don’t expect that blind people read anything on our website.

Caller: Thank you for your time today.

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