Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Love Isn't Enough

I have a good husband.

He does dishes when I'm not looking. He throws a load of laundry in the machine as often as I do. I've awakened many a morning to the smell of eggs and potatoes frying in the skillet. He drives at night because I have night blindness (Swerve! We're gonna hit that deer! Oh sorry. I guess it was just sagebrush. Still rooted in the ground. Twelve feet from the road.)

One of the nicest things he does is make my lunch. Jeremiah and I leave for school an hour before Tim leaves for work, so Tim is sweet about doing whatever he can to make sure the morning rush is as painless as possible. Every morning, as I try to hurry out the door, I grab my and Jeremiah's lunches from the counter, and thank Tim for helping us. Can we all just agree that he's a sweetheart?

Since I teach my son's class, he and I eat lunch together, along with the rest of our class. Today, Jeremiah and I pulled our goodies from our snazzy blue Alltel lunch boxes (cheap cell phone plug even though I no longer work there.)

We chomped into our tuna sandwiches. Our eyes locked. Jeremiah spoke first.

"Mom, have you tasted your sandwich?"

"Yeah, I was going to ask you the same thing."

We each pulled apart the bread slices to find leftover tuna casserole inside!

"I'm not eatin' this!"

"Me either."

By this time the class was laughing so we made a great ceremony out of escorting our tuna casserole sandwiches to the trash can.

We love you, Tim. But cold noodles on soggy bread? There are some things love can't conquer--like the gag reflex.


  1. So, I'll just admit it here and now, Dad has funny taste, but I can totally see dad leaning over thinking "really, it's not that different from tuna, I HAS tuna in it, isn't that enough?" Did I mention dad gave us chocolate cake for breakfast? :P

  2. OK, it was albacore tuna, so I couldn't really tell there were noodles involved. There was a little bit in the container after making the sandwiches, so I ate it and thought it was just tuna. It smelled like tuna, after all...

  3. Where was I when the chocolate cake was being served for breakfast??? And I thought I had scored when my mom made me Lipton Chicken Noodle soup before school.

    Ok "Anonymous," albacore tuna is "approximately" the color of white noodles. After all, I noticed nothing unusual about my sandwich until after I took a bite. Does this mean you won't make my lunches anymore?


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