Friday, July 11, 2014

Splash Pad!

Grandson Chunk came over on Day 10 of the Summer Shindig. Normally, he’ll dig out the Grandkids’ Toy Box, or sit in front of the TV engrossed in Zig and Sharko (a cross between Road Runner and Little Mermaid.)

Because I had spent Day 9 of my July Summer Extravaganza doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I decided to spend Day 10 doing ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING.  Facebook told me that the town next to ours has a new splash pad and oh, it’s FREE, so we loaded up the Chunk and drove north.

Between shivering and trying to keep his shorts up (he’s not as Chunky as he used to be) he lasted a whole 15 minutes. In an attempt to alleviate his shivering, we took him out for ice cream. Grandparents are cool like that. Besides, his mom paid. 

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