Thursday, July 31, 2014

Power Outages

Day 29, A Summer Storm

It rained for three days in a row here this week.  The bright side is that The Pond fills up and we get to water our gardens. Rain also has a sweet ability to put out forest fires. The downside is that when it gets too dry, our dirt turns to a pottery-like substance that doesn't allow the water to soak in. Instead it becomes a conduit for mud and newly-formed rivers. We've had a couple of nearby mudslides that hampered travel in and out of our county.

The accompanying lightning took out the power for a few hours on Day 29. I have a confession to make. I sometimes enjoy bad weather. It might be related to childhood when I lived in Tornado Alley and my mother would gather us together and direct us to the basement. We would all huddle together with a flashlight or a candle, listening to the transistor radio, waiting for the "all clear" signal. While I don't enjoy the devastation a storm may bring, I do appreciate the majesty and beauty.

I really needed to take a shower, but the lightning prevented that for a while. (For those who didn't grow up in Twisterland, never take showers when there's lightning about. Not good.) When the lightning was gone, so was the power. It was out long enough for me to realize that my shower was going to have to be by candlelight.

My camera--the only thing that worked during the outage!


  1. Tornados, dangerous showers, baked clay and from what I remember, snow in May - it's like a holiday or an episode of Planet Earth going through your archives! What a beautiful wee light filled photo that is by the way...

  2. Ha ha! Sometimes I feel like I'm on an episode of Planet Earth with all this crazy weather. And thank you about the photo--I love candle light. So romantic, even during a power outage.


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