Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spray Paint!

Summery Things, Day 28

One of my favorite ways to spend time outdoors is with a can of spray paint in my hand. (Sorry, that's about as outdoorsy as I get.)  For obvious reasons, spray painting is not really a cold weather endeavor. So when the sun is beating down and the box elder bugs are crawling all over everything, I know it's time, and hot enough, to grab something ugly and a can of paint.

This was an old Easter basket I had hanging around. Since Weston is now 15, you know how long it's been hanging.  It was shades of dark purple, green, and pink, but I thought it would look better in pistachio. Krylon Satin Pistachio to be exact. This type of basket is great for delivering goodies to someone's house, when you don't necessarily need to have the basket back.

Old peanut butter jar and Krylon Ocean Breeze. Perfect for holding a spray of white daisies. 

This is a table I rescued from a curb junk pile. It was black and is still a work-in-progress. It's being painted white first, as a primer. It still needs a couple of layers. And then I need to decide whether I want it to be Pistachio, Ocean Breeze, or Jade (which is pretty close to Pistachio.) After it's painted, I have visions of visiting The Graphics Fairy for some furniture transfers in French typography. I've never  done that before but if I mess it up, I'll just spray paint over it!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Krylon to promote their products. I happened to have them on hand from Mother's Day last year when the males said, "What do you want for Mother's Day? Please, give us a clue!"  Oh, and The Graphics Fairy does not know I exist, but I think everyone should know she exists. She is real.


  1. Jade - do the table jade! I, too have a secret stash of spray paint. Unlike you, I never seem to get round to actually using it. I like the promise of it all!

    1. Then Jade it is! Next year, when I actually finish the table that I started last year, I will show you the results! :)


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