Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beach Novels

Day 2 of trying to hold on to every last aspect of summer before it slips through my fingers. 

Today's summery activity was reading a beach novel. That's kind of misleading because I read beach novels all year long. This one I happened to get for free, as an Advance Reader's Edition. Since I didn't have a beach handy, I flopped back on the couch, hoping to finish this book today.

On The Rocks by Erin Duffy was perfect, light, summertime fare. The main character, Abby, gets dumped by her fiance, on Facebook, no less. She spends summer at the beach, largely in escape mode, trying to reconcile what happened in her relationship. By summer's end, she has corrected some of her faulty paradigms.The author takes us on a humorous ride as Abby reconnects with her fiance, works on dysfunctional family relationships, gets a summer job at the beach, and meets new men.  I liked that the book addressed relationship issues without being smutty, though there were the ubiquitous swear words that didn't seem out of line given the volatile issues Abby is trying to conquer. One downside-- I chose how I wanted Abby's story to end, but Abby picked her own ending. Oh well. There are always sequels!

[A nap may or may not have occurred during the reading of this book today, but that has nothing to do with the author's ability to engage her audience.]

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  1. I like the idea of getting advance copies - what a sweet deal! I confess, I got through a few similar types of book on my hols this year. So similar, I had to double check if I'd actually read the one you've written many beach huts, beach houses, houses by the sea, summer cottages, cottages by the sea. A brine-filled minefield!


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