Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hot Summer Night, Day 22

One of my favorite childhood memories is staying outside late on a summer night, listening to the locusts whine, predicting where the next lightning bug would emit its glow, and watching the stars come out one by one. A special privilege was being allowed to play outside in our pajamas!

I still enjoy spending hot evenings outside, but instead of running around the yard, I sit in my lawn swing and watch the sky turn dark. We don't have locusts or lightning bugs in central Utah, but we do have crickets.

Gradually, the 4-wheelers quit racing up and down the road (my street is a mountain access road,) the neighborhood kids head inside for bed, and the peacock stands as a sentinel, cawing loudly whenever a car enters his turf.

On night 22, Computer Geek and I welcomed the darkness as we sat on the swing and discussed the day's events. We got misted by the sprinklers in the back yard, but it felt pleasant. We could hear Weston and his friends a block over, playing Fugitive, a night-time game where the players try to avoid being spotlighted by the headlights of the searcher's car. And of course I had to take a photo, but of nothing, really. I just aimed into the dark and clicked.

 Star light, star bright.
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.


  1. This Quangathon really feels like a holiday - breakfasts, mountain expeditions, festivals, kids laughing and playing like they should be, dusk on the porch...

    I've been making that same wish all year, same wish every time, on every first star like I did the year my daughter was working towards her university exams - and this week it came true! My boy just got his exam grades and has a guaranteed place at uni next autumn! I'm so proud and relieved; he worked hard all year and made lots of sacrifices cause he knows the job situation here is getting tougher all the time.

    1. Congratulations to your son! That takes a lot of hard work. I'm so happy your wish came true. (And just when did he get old enough to be attending university?) Give him a big hug from his friends in Utah!

    2. Thank you! He goes next autumn and won't even be old enough to drink legally!


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