Friday, July 18, 2014

Pizza Night at the Park

Day 17

It was a hot and sticky night. The lady of the house had been battling a migraine all day and was somewhat irritable. The thought of firing up the oven or cooking over a hot stove made her even more so.

Suddenly, a thought or three popped into her brain. Pizza Pizza! Little Caesar's! Five bucks!

Once that thought was there, there was no getting rid of it. Luckily she has a swell husband who was totally into the idea. Even the surly teenager agreed that pizza would be "okay." He guessed he would go with us.

The husband decided he would spring for the $8 pizza instead. 
It has one-inch thick crust which suits his bread fixation nicely. 
I'm more of a thin crust, extra pizza sauce kind of gal.

View from the park. In Utah, we label our mountains so they don't get lost. This is Mountain S.

This annoying little creature screeched at us the whole time we were eating. 
Sheesh. You would think she had babies around or something.

Heh heh. Oh.

Hot desert sand. Crunchy desert grass. Just makes ya wanna get right out there and spike a ball, huh?


  1. urge to spike anything; thanks to you, I'm now thinking about pizza!

    (And what's with all your mountains having letters?!!)

    1. Everyone needs to be thinking about pizza now and again!

      Here's my theory on the mountains:
      1. People are afraid they will wake up and someday their mountain will be missing. It will be easier to return if it has a letter on it. Kind of like a mountainous VIN number.
      2. Labeling mountains was probably invented by hikers so they could say, "I hiked to the S today." In my town, kids hike to the "M." In Provo, they hike to the "Y."
      That's all I've got.


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