Friday, July 25, 2014

Pioneer Day, A Party, and a Fire

Day 24, Pioneer Day, or as we in Utah call it, Fourth of July--Again!

July 24 is a state holiday for Utahans. It commemorates the day, back in 1847, when Brigham Young looked at the Salt Lake Valley and proclaimed it good. We have lots of parades, picnics, and fireworks on July 24, so it's like getting two July 4ths while the rest of the country gets only one. Most businesses are closed, but the nice thing? We still get mail because the post office falls under federal government! Woot! (I apologize to my post office friends who never get a Pioneer Day off.)

Em and her kids went to a parade so I tagged along.

American flags always get me misty-eyed.

Rejoice! Avatar let me take his picture!

Chunk, scoping out the loot. It was funny because before the parade, Chunk said he hoped he scored a water bottle. He got one. Avatar said he hoped he got a T-shirt. He got one. The power of positive thinking!

Miss Baby Elephant got into the chasing after candy groove.

Hee hee hee--Chunk

 Computer Geek, Weston, and I got invited to a birthday party for a cute little 4 year old.
Happy Birthday, Pixie!

And what's summer without a forest fire? I'm hoping it will be out soon because the other side of the mountain doesn't look that far away.


  1. I'm looking at your family life, declaring it GOOD and hoping that means you'll all get another day off! Please can we come visit you some day if we can ever save enough for the trip? Reading your blog in daily episodes like this reminds me of watching The Waltons as a teenager. Good, simple family joys. Your family are a credit to you.

    1. Aw, thank you, Janice. I hope at the end of it all, my family declares it good too. And YES!!!!!! You can come visit!! That would be so fun! And you know, Scotland is on my bucket list too.

    2. If you ever make it over here, I'll personally book tickets for you and me to nip over to Greece on a cheapie and we can stay with my family and friends over there!


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