Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 15

Joys r'us!

1.  Our plum tree was laden with hundreds of plums this year. We picked as many as we could on the lower branches, but there were so many that were out of our reach, even with the help of an 8 foot ladder.

Luckily for us, a friend let us borrow a fruit picker, so today Computer Geek and I went out with the picker, the ladder and some tarps to catch the strays that fell to the ground. Soon, the plums from our tree are going to transform into something good. Something really good. I don't know what yet. Maybe some fruit leather if I can keep Weston from eating it all in one sitting again.

What will it be? Fruit leather? Plum jam? Little Jack Horner's pie?

2. Harvest time is here, and because I find freezing much easier to understand than canning, my freezer is full of plum puree, tomatoes, corn, green (and purple!) beans, salsa, carrots, bananas, soup stock and pumpkin.

Since the pumpkin is from last year's garden, I thawed one bag of it to make room for something new in the freezer. Here's what I did with that thawed pumpkin tonight:
Pumpkin almond bread. I love making food from free stuff in my yard!

3. Blog friend, Robert Brault, master behind the quote at the top of my page, has a new 2012 calendar available for purchase. If you would love to have a Robert Brault calendar of your very own, please order right here.  I am overjoyed that Robert's work is being appreciated by so many. He is a master humorist and philosopher. You can see more of his work right here. I ordered mine today.

4. Sleepovers!  Weston has a friend spending the night tonight. I love when his friends feel comfortable in our home.  His friends are funny, polite, responsible, and always hungry. I'm sure the pumpkin bread will not last long.

Sweet dreams, young men. Turn off the computer, and if you wake me up even once, you're toast. Toast with some sort of plum sauce on it.

What brought you joy today?


  1. WAAAO.. the plum leather, the pumpkin bread the sleepover.. you r a fun mom to be with.. Amzing. all's well that end's well.

  2. Naqvee: I don't know if my son thinks I am such a fun mom. Maybe he'll appreciate me when he's older? :)

  3. Randi, you're a good friend. Thanks so much.

  4. Robert: I am so honored that you see me as such. I think I've made it my personal mission to Braultize the world! It's such a catchy phrase. :)


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