Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 14

Miracles. Can't explain 'em. Just feel the joy and move on.

1. Weston and I made a grocery store trip today.  Ramen noodles were on sale for $2.40 a case. We love the Oriental flavor in the blue package, so we picked up a case. Before I left the store, I thought of a certain family whose children love Ramen, so I picked up a second case to take to them.

After we finished shopping, Weston and I dropped by their house to give them the Ramen. As I got the case out of the trunk, I told Weston to wait a moment. I thought that maybe the family needed some toilet paper too, so I broke open our case of 36 to give them 12 rolls. Bizarre thought, I know. Ramen and toilet paper. Would they think we were nuts?

 We knocked on their door, gave them the items, the mother thanked us, and we left. A little bit later, the mother called me on the phone. "Did I tell you I needed toilet paper?"   She hadn't. "Are you sure I never told you I needed toilet paper?"  Nope. She then told me how she had been praying for toilet paper for the last two days. She had gone shopping on Tuesday, but had failed to budget for t.p. She had no money left and knew she would be out of toilet paper by Friday. Having no other recourse, she resorted to prayer.

2. Later ...I had a meeting I had to attend tonight. I felt that I should stop by the above family's house to see if they needed a ride too. I wondered if they would think I was dumb to drop by and ask if anyone needed a lift.  Nevertheless, I pulled up in front of their house and knocked on the door.

"I just stopped by to see if you needed a ride to the meeting." The mother responded that her husband was just ready to go out the door to walk to the meeting. He would love to have a ride so he wouldn't be late.

Moral of the story: Never ignore a prompting to do something nice for someone, no matter how odd you think it is. You just might be the answer to someone's prayer.


  1. you are very right in this way.. you know.. it happenes sometimes.. i offer help or call those people who needed something from me or required help in some case.

    your behaviour is so much like my mom..
    love Naqvee ♥

  2. These posts show that joy is not only received, but given.

    Good stuff, Randi.

  3. You are a gift of joy clearly to all who know you. The power of prayer can bring miracles.

    Wonderful post Randi!

  4. Naqvee: So nice to see you again! Isn't it wonderful when those kinds of things happen? I'm glad I remind you of your mom. :)

    Auntie M: You are right--you can't give away joy without getting some on your own hands.

    Septembermom: I am definitely a believer in prayer. I have been a witness to so many miracles.


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