Monday, September 19, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 4

I got my joy today from...


You knew that was coming sooner or later, right?

I was invited to a photo shoot today involving my adopted grandchildren (If you know these kids for reals, mum's the word because it's a b-day surprise for their mom.)  They were real troupers while they were being posed in a variety of shots, especially little Pixie, who even begrudged us a smile now and then.

Dash, Pinque, River, and Pixie

Nobody loves Pixie.  Whatever.

My handsome Avatar

The Chunk. I have to watch it because whenever I go to his house lately he tags along when I leave. He follows me out the door, saying to his mom, "Going Grandpa's house." (Computer Geek and I are equally "Grandpa.")  Then he walks to the car with me, assuming he's coming along. He's so cute that we never have the heart to tell him to stay home. So he came over tonight and...

...helped harvest vegetables! We finally have him trained to stop picking the green tomatoes. Now we just have to work on getting him to pick the pepper only, and not the entire plant.

When Chunk and I arrived at my house, granddaughter Hoolie was there, visiting Computer Geek. She said to me tonight, "Although Weston is ancient in years, did you know that in eight years, I am going to be sixteen?"    If my thirteen-year-old Weston is ancient in years, what does that make me? 

A mom and grandma who is filled with joy, that's what.


  1. This not only brings you joy, it brings me joy. Kids, ah, is there anything finer?

    Before I looked at this my joy was in seeing three bobcats this morning, a mother and two cubs.

  2. Visiting you is always a joy! I miss coming by here these past few weeks. It's been crazy here and now I have poison fun at all!

    I'm getting back on the blogging track slowly but surely.

    How beautiful are those grandchildren!!! God bless them all.

    Love and hugs, Kelly

  3. Auntie M: Thank you for sharing your joy with us. That must have been a treat to see the bobcats. Unless you have chickens. :) I'm looking forward to your next joyous comment!

    Septembermom: Poison ivy! Whatever were you doing? Some camping adventure no doubt? :) It's so great to see you peeking in--I miss you when you're away too long!

  4. Tonight, I told Grace (8.5) that a TV show was for older kids. And she said, "You mean really older kids? Like 10?"
    Ancient years.

  5. Jill: Oh that's funny! That must have cracked you up. I love when I hear my son and his friends talking and they will say something like, "Yeah, there was this old lady, she was like fifty..." That Grace must keep you in stitches.


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