Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 days of Joy...............Day 13

They make me upturn my face and do the dance of joy in the sun.

I had a need recently, that was going unfulfilled because of lack of needed fundage.

Friend #1 notices the need and sends out an email to a slew of other friends, asking for donations. Friends #2 and #3 stop by my house today to kidnap me and take me shopping with the collected cash. They drive me 70 miles north and for several hours help me pick out the needed item, plus some bonus items, thanks to the slew of friends who supported this little adventure.

I feel loved.


  1. What thoughtful friends, Randi. You are indeed loved.

  2. Yeah, that's friendship.

  3. What else can I say, but beautiful...the generosity and love of friends.

  4. Ken, Auntie M, Jill, and septembermom: I have always been so lucky in my life, because I always seem to be surrounded by the best of friends. They make me feel that the world is going to be all right. By the way, all four of you are in that group.


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