Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 6

Today's joy is courtesy of...

The things people say.

I love it when people say things that make me laugh, or that are said in a unique way that makes me think.

* After lunch today, Weston surprised me by saying something that children rarely say:
"May I please have some broccoli?"  My gasp was audible. Nevertheless, this made his day:

It's pretty and all, but it's broccoli

* Grandson Avatar, asked his mom, my daughter Em, if he could make dinner. Em told him that he could help her make the dinner she was already making. He wasn't too happy with that, because he had his own recipe floating around in his head and wanted to use different ingredients. Undaunted by her refusal, he asked if he could take his own ingredients for a soup recipe outside and mix them in the wheelbarrow. When my daughter wisely said no, he replied, "You never let me practice my skills!"

* Tonight I was explaining to Computer Geek what an awesome deal we scored tonight at Walmart. We had a $5-off coupon for Schick Hydro razors which were normally $5.97. Then we had a $6-off coupon if we bought two packages of Schick disposable razors. Since the disposables were $1.97 each, for a total of $3.94, the deal was what is known in the coupon world as a "money-maker." In other words, they paid us $2.06 to take those razors out of the store. Added to the $.97 we had to pay for the Hydros, we made a net profit of $1.09. Computer Geek replied, "It's just like eating celery."  Never thought of it that way.

Oh the things people say now....every night and every day now....sing it with me....


  1. Kids, especially, say the most wonderful things.

  2. Auntie M: Indeed, they do. Do you ever wonder if we said really funny things when we were kids?

  3. I'm sure we were hilarious, R.

  4. My son'll knock you down for some broccoli. Smart kids.

  5. Jill: What's up with kids these days? :)

  6. Kids keep us smiling in so many ways :)


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