Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 3

I experienced joy today because of:

Beach balls!

Each Sunday, I am blessed to be in the presence of some amazing children. Our Sunday school is in possession of two joy-inducing beach balls. One asks questions pertaining to that week's lesson, and the other is more of a getting-to-know-you tool. Today we used the latter.

The rules are simple. Throw the beach ball to your classmate and he or she will answer the question that falls under the right thumb as the ball is caught.  Kids and teachers alike were laughing giddily as kids answered questions such as "What was your favorite video or DVD when you were younger?" or "Describe how your mom or dad drives," or "Share your definition of 'billybubbin.'"

Something so simple. We all need a few more beach balls in our lives.


  1. Good game. Some of us use FB.

  2. Jill: It really is a lot of fun. Kids love to throw. :)

    Auntie M: Well said! LOL!

  3. What a great idea! I'm sure the kids love the activity. I need a beach ball around here. Hopefully, the boys won't turn it into a dodgeball game. LOL

  4. septembermom: Boys? A ball of any kind? Oh you can rest assured it WILL turn into a dodgeball game--ha ha! I had to keep the Sunday school boys from purposely aiming for heads and from trying to ricochet the ball off walls to hit someone. You predicted well, o septembermom. :)


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