Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Coupon Success and a Coupon Failure

[Okay, this is how OCD I am:  Everywhere on the internet, an "oopsie" is branded as a "fail." A guy dumps a bucket of paint on his head, and it's labeled "Redecorating Fail."  A husband gives his overweight wife a bathroom scale for her birthday and it's labeled, "Romance Fail." So, I titled this post, "A Coupon Success and a Coupon Fail," and I couldn't stop my hands from adding u-r-e to the end of the word. Major self-control fail.]

Last week I scored some freebies at Walmart. Rayovac graciously sent me  two more $1-off coupons for their product. You know what this means, right? Free batteries! Walmart has Rayovac AAA and AA 4-packs for $.97, so with the dollar-off coupon, the batteries are F*R*E*E. Seriously, does anyone like paying for batteries? A necessary evil.

[ If you want to be an "I got my batteries for free" success, check out Rayovac's facebook page.  Mandated government disclaimer--Rayovac has no idea that I recommended that people check out their facebook page. Therefore I was not given any compensation for saying that. But I can still say it if I want because I think it's pretty special that manufacturers give you coupons.]

Not only did I score some free batteries, I also walked away with two bottles of free lemonade and two bottles of free orange juice.  Simply Orange had $1-off coupons online for their orange juice and their lemonade. Since you can print two of each, I ended up with four free bottles because Walmart had them for $1 each.

Coupon Success!

Now I must sadly relate my couponing fail-ure.  Coke had online coupons for $1-off any two 20 oz. Coke products. I had two coupons so I grabbed a total of four bottles of 20 oz. Sprite, which meant that each bottle was 50 cents off, right? I think I was so hyped by the above free items, that I was blinded by coupon frenzy. I failed to notice that the 20 oz. Sprites were $1.48 each. With the coupon, each bottle became $.98. STUPID! Did you know you can buy a 2 liter bottle for $.98? Grrr...I was so mad at myself when I realized what I had done. I could have had four 2 liter bottles for the same price as my four 20 oz. bottles. 

Learn from Mama Randi. Just because it's a coupon doesn't guarantee that it's a good deal. And I knew that too. Double grrr...

Disclaimer because the government thinks nobody says anything complimentary unless they get paid: Rayovac, Simply Orange, and Coke did not give me any money for mentioning them on my awesome blog. They did give me some coupons, like they will do for anyone with internet access and a printer, but the government knows that coupons are just paper because they are not backed by anything.)

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