Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 2

Joy is seeing our granddaughter play with the same toy that I played with forty years ago. 
It's still around and it's still amusing.

And Happy Birthday M Joy C!


  1. Hey I remember that slinky! Matt was telling me the other day that he has never had a slinky actually go down the stairs like it is supposed to, but I said I used to play with one that did. I specifically remember it going down and Grandma Dee's house. I think that was the very slinky! I guess it is good you keep SOME stuff. :P

  2. Levizmom: wasn't that exact Slinky. I meant that the Slinky brand has been around for at least that many years. But, I wouldn't put it past me to have kept s Slinky for that many years. :)

  3. We did have fun with Slinkys way back in the day. I have to get one for my kids!!

    Pretty picture of a pretty girl :)

  4. septembermom: I will have to tell little Hoolie you said that. Just be forewarned--with boys around, a Slinky doesn't stay a Slinky for very long. It becomes a weapon. :)


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