Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 16

Gnome and her daughter Hoolie stopped by for a bit today. As the adults sat on the couch and yakked, Hoolie went outside.  While we chatted, we noticed the sky growing darker and the breeze turning a little cooler.

We decided to go out and join Hoolie and discovered that it was a perfect fall day. The sky was steel gray in the distance, yet the sun warmed us against the chill in the air. Leaves gently descended around us as their crackling sound let us know that there would not be too many summer-like days left.  Hoolie raked up a pile of leaves and then did what all kids do with a pile of leaves--she dove right in.

She overheard us mentioning how she has always been a great "poser" so she proved us right.


Leaves the color of her golden hair


  1. No doubt Randi Hoolie is very b'ful and baby faced

    love Naqvee♥

  2. Auntie M and Naqvee: I will pass your sweet comments on to the lovely Hoolie!


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