Sunday, October 23, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 27

The Queen of Quang waited a whole week to upload another joy post for which of the following reasons:

A. She has been spending her time dipping her toes into the pristine aquamarine waters off the dock in front of a rental bungalow in Bora Bora.

B. She was busy preparing for her favorite holiday of the year, Halloween, and was hoping to spread the joy posts out so that the last day coincides with October 31.

C. She has been swamped with dehydrating, freezing, and canning tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, apples, peppers, salsa, and squash. Did I mention apples?  Oh yeah, and apples. And more carrots.

Which one did you pick?

A. Nope. It will take me a couple of decades of devoted couponing to accomplish this feat.
B. Another nope. I hate Halloween! More on this controversial subject in another post.
C. Aw, you peeked at my gray hair and fruit-stained fingernails, didn't you? Or did you hear me utter these words a few days ago, "I can't wait for winter."

Seriously, although preserving food is a colossal pain in the patootie, I am grateful that we have been blessed with an abundance. And even though I have to spend my days being someone I am not, i.e. a domestic diva, I am confident that this coming winter, having food to eat will make all the stress (oh, trust me, canning food is stressful) worth it.

Let's bring on the joy!  Today's joy is brought to you by...

The color yellow!

The last time I recall wearing yellow, I was in college and had bought a bright yellow ski jacket. Not that I've ever skied. (Shhh...don't tell Utah, home of the greatest snow on earth, that I said that.) Since then, I have never purposely bought any yellow clothes.

That doesn't stop yellow from being the most joyous color ever! (Shh..don't tell purple--it thinks that because it's my favorite color, I can't say anything nice about any other color.)

My yellow back yard

Someone's random yellow tree

Em's happy yellowness


Happy yellow grandson with a toddler-proof indoor basketball

Lemons are such a happy fruit, despite their ability to make us pucker


The nice thing about yellow pens, is that they never run out--
what can you really use them for besides highlighting?

Teenage joy--the trampoline

Sign joy---for William

I meant to take a picture of that yellow boy joy toy known as TONKA, 
but some yellow-haired two-year-old distracted me.


  1. Yes, I wondered where you were.
    Sunshine yellow sets off the day nicely.

  2. William agrees that signs are complete joy.

  3. Hey Randi, I love all the gorgeous yellow photos! Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. I'm trying to get around to all the blogs I's just taking a while! Have a great week!

  4. Auntie M: I have been a slave to my kitchen. In my dream life I have a cook.

    Jill: It's such a guy thing. :)

    Becky: It's nice to see you again! Don't feel bad---if you're anything like me, it's hard to even look at your own blog some day, much less get to visit anyone else's, right? You have a great week too, and thanks so much for coming back to visit! :)

  5. The pictures capture the joy of yellow wonderfully!!! They are beautiful!

  6. septembermom: Thank you! It's hard to find anything sad about yellow.


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