Saturday, October 15, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 25

My bloggy friend, Naqvee, made me laugh today with her blog post about her addiction to Google. After I finishing LOL-ing, I read her post out loud to my husband and we laughed together. What did we find so amusing?  The fact that we could see ourselves in it. We too, are Google addicts, who must find the search bar whenever a new question pops into our minds.

What year did Leave it to Beaver start?
How much older was Wally than the Beave?
How far apart did Mother Teresa and Princess Diana die?
Is all nubuck non-vegan?
How can I make a tin-foil dinner?
Are there any coupons for raw sugar?
What are the ingredients in Bac~Os?
Can I find some recipes for a good cream of potato soup?
How do you can tomatoes in a water bath canner?

These are some of the questions that we Googled today. If you find Google to be a staple of your computer life, check out Naqvee's post.

Another thing that brings me joy is Kid History.  The Roberts brothers of Utah, have told their children many of the family stories from their own childhoods. As with many families, the stories get told over and over until they become family legends.  The brothers decided to let their children re-tell these family legends on camera. It becomes hilarious as the grown brothers reenact the stories from their childhood, but use the voices of their children. Give Kid History #1 a view. Follow-up with Kid History 2-6. 

My son and his friends have become masters at quoting the dialogue from the Kid History. Some of the snippets that I hear almost daily are:

"What else is about it?"
"I'm gonna punch your car!"
"You guys are gonna get kicked in the head."
"I yike yewow gwapes...and gween gwapes."

It's getting late so I'm going to ninja vanish. Check out Kid History #5 to see what I mean.


  1. Haha.. I was about to reply at my post but here i can vent out my thoughts. You know its so amusing actually that BECAUSE OF GOOGLE OUR MINDS HAVE STARTED THINKING MORE...AND ASKING FOR MORE BECAUSE SOMEWHERE WE KNOW THAT THE ANSWER IS JUST RIGHT THERE AND WE HAVE TO MOVE FEW FINGERS ON THE KEYBOARD. RECENTLY I along with MY ONE STUDENT OF 6TH GRADE FINSIHED HIS HOLIDAY HOMEWORK Science QUIZ WITH THE HELP OF GOOGLE. the kid thought that google was used to search for free pc games ONLY, he was excited about his new home work mate and avatar GOOGLE.

    And the question about Mother Terasa and Princess Diana was also once typed by me. I also searched for one thing... what did Prince Charles see in Camilla parker?
    Further how much did Kate Middleton's wedding dress cost? LOL.

    We are so far from each other.. still we think in the same way marvelling at GOOGLE..

    P.S. You may have thought about Naqvee being my first name, it is quite feminine, the actual spelling is Naqvi but due to numerology my papa changed it.
    this is where I decend from


  2. Guilty. I don't know how many times a day I check Google. But at least we're looking; in years past we might not have bothered going to the encyclopedia or world atlas. I don't know when I last used a phone book to look up a number of a business, or a dictionary to look up a word. Sigh.

  3. Oh. I just don't know what to say. I think I'm addicted to Kid History now. Hilarious.

  4. Those quotes are too funny!! Those nagging questions can drive us crazy. Aren't we lucky to have Google? I got to run over and read Naqvee's post now.


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