Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 21's me...the joy slacker.  I will blame it on the fact that I have been busy harvesting garden items. Since I am a city girl at heart, and have no experience with preserving food, being a farmer (of my yard) has taken its toll. I get far too little sleep and have actually been heard to say, "I can't wait until winter!"  My dehydrator is running non-stop, I have canned a few (very few) items, and my freezer is so full that getting an ice cube becomes a project worthy of extensive plotting on an Excel spreadsheet.

Late though it is, I couldn't let this day go by (remember my rule, that it's still technically the same day as long as I haven't gone to bed yet) without mentioning an especially joyous moment from earlier today.

Remember the special mom I told you about in my first joy post? She and her husband and kids dropped by tonight to express their condolences over the loss of Computer Geek's mother. Stopping by to express their concern was such a beautifully sweet act, but they also came bearing gifts and cards. Each child crafted his or her own sentiment on a hand-made card; they were words of heart-felt sympathy. What valuable gifts this mom and dad have given their children--the gifts of being able to feel the pain of another human being, and of being able to act on that sympathy with deeds of compassion.

These are no empty acts, either. The kids truly have love and concern in their young hearts. They radiate joy and happiness. I am honored to know this family, and thank them for the joy they have brought to my life, not only on this occasion, but on so many others, as well.  

I was kicking myself tonight because I went to the store and forgot to buy tomato juice. No worries. My pals have got my back!  The apple bread (from apples right off their tree!) no longer looks like this. There's a big chunk missing--oh, for yumminess!

Thank you for the gifts, the cards, the lovely acts of compassion, but most of all, for your friendship.


  1. No doubt the hand made cards are well crafted since they contain the sentiments of what a child may feel. such parents are blessed who could imbibe the culture of sympathy and compassion in their young ones.


  2. Here's to those who remember simple kindness and act on it.

  3. I second Auntie M.'s comment: Bravo to those who are always sharing their kindness! (Like you, Randi :)


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