Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Days of Joy...............Day 19

I'm going to say this through clenched teeth--grrr--the fact that it snowed all day indirectly brought me some joy.

There. I said it, and without too much joy credit being given to the global warming that caused our field trip to be cancelled today.

The nice thing about it SNOWING ALL DAY was that it gave me an excuse to invite my firstborn grandchild over to see if Weston had any outgrown snow pants that he could pass on.

Just think what he'll look like when it really gets cold.

I wish I had saved some of that hot chocolate now that it's midnight and my house is freezing.

The snow caused me to have to go rip up my garden so I got to 
deal with veggies that come in my favorite color!

If you need an excuse to be reminded of all the joyous things for which you should be grateful, go rent the movie, "17 Miracles."  It's about pioneers who walked to Utah and the many miraculous events that took place amidst the suffering. 

If you have a cardiac muscle beating in your chest, then you will cry.  It made me remember that as chilly as my house feels right now because of the unwelcome snow, it could be lots worse.

Off I go to huddle under some warm blankets, praying for those who are outside in this cold weather tonight.


  1. SNOW? Eeeeeeeeeeeek.

  2. Auntie M: That's exactly what I said. The weatherman predicted frost for Thursday night. He forgot to mention the snowstorm during the day on Thursday. It's all melted now.

  3. That color is so vibrant!!!

    And snow??? Oh no!

    Cute pics too.


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