Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughts of a Twitterless Thinker 12-03-09

Greetings, denizens of the Quang! I decided it’s time I started thinking again. Since I don’t Tweet, I hereby subject you to the randomness of my mind, all in one shot. So…hmmm. What DID I think about today?

Although I don’t believe in astrology, I’m here to tell you, I was born to be a Sagittarius.
No other sign nails it.

How does a Christmas cactus know when it’s Christmas time? Mine bloomed at the first hint of December. Spooky.
Why won’t the mainstream media report on Climategate? The biggest scam since…since…since…The You’ve Inherited Money in Nigeria But You Have to Pay us Thousands of Dollars to Retrieve Your Inheritance scam, and no one will report it? It is EVERYWHERE on the internet, but I have yet to see it on any major network. Methinks Michael Crichton got it right. Too bad he died before seeing his research come to fruition.

I played a review game with my 8th graders today. I gave them a title of a literary work and they had to guess the author. One of the girls, while thinking of her answer said, “It’s right there at the back of my tongue.” I think I will steal that phrase for
whenever something is a little farther away than the tip of my tongue.

My friends and I have been having discussions lately on the female phenomenon known as “makeup.”

One acquaintance says that women wear makeup for other women.
They feel competitive with other women and want to look their best because they know other women are evaluating them. He thinks if other women weren’t around, women wouldn’t bother with makeup. I insist that women wear makeup for men. Men are visual and seem (I said “seem”) to prefer “enhanced” women. (Blame it on Hugh and Photoshop.) I’m not talking Tammy Faye makeup---just the normal amount. My feeling is that if men weren’t around, women wouldn’t bother with makeup.

Various men in our ongoing discussion have said that they prefer women
with no makeup. But do they really? I wonder, with good reason.

A previous man in my life said he preferred me, and all women, to dress modestly. By modestly, I
mean shirts that adequately cover torso and bosom, and skirts that fall below the knee. Yet once when he and I were out to eat, a woman walked by wearing a mini-skirt, high heels, a suit jacket, and a tank top that showed plenty of cleavage. His eyes followed her as she walked through the restaurant. He said, “Ah. Girl clothes. Nice.”

So that causes me wonder. Do men “say” they like women with no
makeup, but will take a second glance and actually prefer a woman with makeup? In light of some heated discussions about this topic, I decided to ask Foreign Quang readers their opinions.

Men—Do you prefer women with or without makeup?

Women—Do you wear makeup for other women, or for men? Or for yourself?

Last week I read all four books of the
Twlight series. My step-daughter, Gnome, has a boxed set, with which she was all too willing to indoctrinate me, I mean share with me.

Those of you who have read all four books completely
understand why there were two opposing camps---Team Edward and Team Jacob. Observe where my loyalties fell as I read the four books.

Twlight---Team Edward

New Moon---Team Jacob

Eclipse---Team Jacob
Breaking Dawn—Team Edward

e been to see New Moon at the theater twice, once with Computer Geek and Weston, and once with Gnome and her brother, Neo. I love going to movies that elicit crowd involvement, and this movie certainly has that ability.

The first night I went, the theater was packed. When Jacob rips off his shirt to stop Bella’s head from bleeding, the ladies went wild with loud cat calls, woo-hoo’s, “Go Jacob!” and
“Yes!” (I wanted to yell “He’s seventeen, you pedophiles!”) Later, when Edward tries to provoke the vampire powers-that-be, he steps into the sunlight while removing his shirt. The female reaction was a little more subdued. There were soft wow’s, gentle moans, and whispers “Oh baby.”

What accounted for the difference?
I think that because Jacob is the more passionate, fiery, humorous of the two, he got a like reaction. Edward, being more calm, cool, and stony, got the more reverent response, as if they were witnessing a Renaissance statue come to life.

The second time I went, there were only around twenty-five people in the theater. The crowd didn’t respond as vocally, except for one lady about my age who sat
behind me. Whenever Jacob was on screen, she would utter, “Oh, how cute!” or “What a precious!” “He’s sooo sweet!” I think she was in love. Definitely on Team Jacob. I wonder if that is why the theater is offering a $50 reward for the return of the cardboard stand-up Jacob that is missing from the lobby. Just wait until Breaking Dawn. Edward will go missing in a vampire flash.

All this
immersion in to the Twilight world last week made me miss Washington. We visited last May and would love to go back. It’s fun to read about Forks, when I’ve actually been there. The Olympic peninsula is gorgeous. It was a fantastically sunny day when we were in Forks, so of course we did not run in to Edward or Bella.

Copalis Beach

Near Kalaloch

Forks, of course!

Forks Visitor's Center

Neo, Gnome, and Hoolie in front of
Dazzled by Twilight, a store in Forks dedicated
to all things Twilight

Gnome, sitting on the carved "Edward" bench

I wish someone would bring a Taco John’s to Utah. Potato Oles with Nacho cheese sauce. Yummm. Maybe then my sister wouldn’t be so tempted to always text me, “Guess where I ate today?”

Since I am a financially disadvantaged teacher, I don’t have boatloads of cash to spend on my darling students when they have a birthday. I have begun
making them bookmarks since I am, after all, their literature teacher. Here are a couple of the ones I made recently.

My son is such a sweetheart. He went to go see 2012 with Em last week and brought home 8 little Sweet Tarts for me. Today, they each got a chocolate chip cookie in history class, so he saved half of it to bring home for me. He loves to surprise me.

He told me today that he got his desk moved in school. His desk is now right next to the teacher’s. I said, “Did you get moved for talking too much?”

“Mom. If I talked too much she would move me next to a girl.”

Ahh…the hypocrisy of the media. They slam Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, and Two and a Half Men down our throats—you know, the shows that glamorize promiscuity and infidelity, making cheating seem ever so cool. But then they turn around and crucify people who actually behave that way in real life. I’m not defending what Tiger Woods did. Not by any means. I’m just sayin’. Make up your mind, Hollywood. If you’re going to promote shows that show us how really sexy people “should” behave, then at least have the integrity to stop acting all shocked about Tiger.

Do other people name their houses? Among our group of friends, we have three families who live in houses with names. When we visit those friends, we don’t say we’re going to Laura’s house, or Sarah’s house, we say we’re going to the South House (it’s the “southest” of all our friends,) or the Pink Palace (one room in the house is pink,) or the Toothpaste House (it’s the color of Gleem.)

I guess that’s enough thinking for one day. So what did you think about?


  1. There's an old saying:
    "God created man, but Sam Colt made them equal."

    My corollary:
    "God created woman, but Revlon made them equal."

  2. Hi Randi
    As I type I'm listening to a debate on climate change.
    It's all over the place (without going online) and is affecting our lives already by how we have to segregate our rubbish.
    I think the coverage is based on National interest...and there is little interest for most Americans to change lifestyle and, as such, not politically viable or even newsworthy.

    Bev experienced the same reaction with New Moon...girls and married women swooning etc! Very strange! She felt too old for it all.

    Hypocrisy...we are all guilty at one level or another. It's an ever present and never surprises me. I'm just glad I can recognise it.

    The 'big one'! I like to see Bev with makeup when we have a night out, but I like ,as she does, the natural look for day-to-day living. When she uses makeup it's minimal...I cringe at the orange peel look.

    I like your bookmarks.

    What am I thinking about? Makeup!

  3. For many years I've worn only eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Evening party, a touch of mascara. I guess I do it for me.

    Your son is a cutie.

    Bookmarks make great gifts.

    I read Twilight; haven't read any of the others or seen the movies. Vampires, nah, not my cup of tea.

    Our house doesn't have a name but we once had a cabin named Casa Not So Grande. (No house numbers so it had to have a name for identification).

    On the Tiger Woods story. How can anyone today express shock over anything? Morality went down the tubes in the 60s. For a tongue in cheek look at my view, check out Underneath It All on

  4. You do think a lot! Thanks for getting me to think on this crazy Friday :)

    I think men are more into the makeup thing too. I should wear more probably. I look "washed out" some days. If I ever do glam it up again, I think my husband won't recognize me.

    I'm not shocked about Tiger's escapades. I'm just sad that he had to go down that road. I guess he's not perfect. I feel bad for his family.

    We don't name houses over here. Except for the time we called the house down the block "the crazy house". You should see how this guy hollers at everyone down the street. I feel bad that we all tend to label that house. He just makes the neighbors nervous.

    Love all the pictures!!!

  5. 1. Those bookmarks are ADORABLE.

    2. You totally NAILED the Tiger Woods thing.

  6. Winston: But some are more equal than others. :)

    Ken: This is why I love from hearing from people all over the world. I hadn't thought that maybe the lack of response to Climategate had to do with regional issues, but you're probably right. In the city where I used to live, we had bins in which to put our glass, paper, and plastic out for pickup. Now where I live, it all just goes to the landfill!

    You really made me think, with your comment on hypocrisy. I started pondering ways that I might be a hypocrite too. It's always hard to look at oneself.

    Thanks for your opinion on the makeup issue. I have toned down my makeup for daily use, but still wear it in public. Don't want to scare anyone.

    Auntie M: You have always looked very beautiful, even without much makeup. You got the good genes. :)

    I'm really not that much into vampires either. I more read them for the romance aspect. Will she pick Edward? Will she pick Jacob? Will she die without either one?
    What will Bella do? I'm a romantic
    that can't be cured, alas.

    I like your Casa Not So Grande! I once had a customer, when I worked for the computer company, whose address was "Kisses in the Moonlight." I remarked that it was an unusual name for a street and he replied it was the name of the house. It was on a beach and when they finally finished the house, they had a party and everyone kissed, just like on New Year's. And thus the house was named.

    I read your article in Yesterday's Magazette. I loved your "over the top" comment! I remember day of the week undies! Good article. (Go read it, everyone.)

    septembermom: Thanks for commenting on the makeup issue. I've been interested in hearing what people around the world think about it.It's been such a hot topic of discussion in my world lately.

    I feel bad for Tiger's family too. I guess I always feel badly for the person who is cheated upon, whether it's the man or the woman. Just wish our permissive media wouldn't act so holier than thou about it because they do the same thing.

    That's funny about the Crazy House! I think every community has one of those. We used to have one we called the Mad House because the owner got mad if you walked in the street and accidentally kicked a pebble onto his lawn. He would come out of his house screaming. We learned to walk on the other side of the street and to stay away from the Mad House.

    Hayden:Thank you! You mean I got a hole in one on the Tiger thing? :)

  7. what great thoughts.. except that I don't have time to respond to many I wish to respond to.

    Okay, I'll be super-duper quick.

    1) Crichton died?!!
    2) I wear no-make-up regularly. I think it's for both men/women. All things equal, anyone (guy/gal) who walks by wearing something skimpy/different, etc will catch my eye and I will look at them. Afterall, they wore that to be noticed right? Doesn't mean I like it though and it doesn't mean it's something I'd want myself, or others around me to wear.
    3) swooning over a 17 year old? oh dear... i have to admit, i've said a few times about Prince William that he's looking/acting... you know, like someone I'd sort of swoon over, but no not really. I stop myself from getting silly because I can't possibly swoon over someone who's birth I remember watching/hearing about on TV.

  8. duh, I didn't answer well...

    make-up. we are noticed when things get changed. I'm a lazy person and can't be bothered to put on make-up, and know that if I want to get noticed, I need to do something special, so if I'm getting ready to go out somewhere nice, I can now put on make-up and look special for me, my hubby, friends/whoever becuase if they have seen me regularly, this will be 'different' for them. I don't have to cake it on, in order to be noticed.

    you know what? I'm doing a horrible job of writing short, sweet, and to the point. I'm not sure I have a point, or I'm running completely off track. Perhaps I'm short on coffee and that's my issue! :)
    That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

  9. Daisy: Yes, sadly, Crichton died a year ago. I read his book, State of Fear a few years ago and said to myself, "Well, he won't be alive much longer." In his book, he exposes a lot of global warming "evidence" as fraud. I found it to be one of the most well-researched novels I've ever read. Many global warming scientists said his data was misleading, but several other scientists said his data was accurate. Who knows? Just seems kind of ironic now that all this info about global warming being a scam has come out.

    Good point on your #2. Sometimes people do things to be noticed and even though we look, it doesn't mean that we support their choices. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I loved your comment about Prince William, and saying that you can't swoon over someone when you remember when they were born! So true! Nevertheless, he is a fine looking young man.

    I loved when you said you couldn't write short, sweet and to the point. That's exactly why I don't Twitter! I can never keep a thought to 140 characters. I agree--blame it on the caffeine deficiency--ha ha! :) You must be doing well though with your resolve to cut back?

  10. Just a quickie...( sorry for behaving like a teenager who just came home, dumped the dirty laundry and ran out of the house, but I'm trying to see if blogging with a timer helps me not get OCD and addicted again.)

    ~I don't wear much makeup during the day so that I can achieve maximum impact when I do wear it!

    ~ You are a class act teacher - the bookmarks are lovely - and your son's a standup comedian waiting to be happen. His comments always make me smile.

    ~ I've never seen any of the Twilight films, but the main actor didn't stand out for me much when he was in Harry Potter, so I doubt I'd be one of the swooners. But I do love the Supernatural series. Dean Wichester could drive a stake through my heart any time! The actor's gorgeous and the character he plays makes me laugh out loud.

    ~ I saw a fantastic documentary once about global dimming. It made total sense, and among lots of examples, it cited the observable meteorological differences all over America when the planes were grounded after 9/11. I also saw a terrifying documentary about the Atlantic Conveyor which makes an Ice Age more likely than a meltdown. Either way, I know in my heart that human greed and industrial stupidity is killing the planet; take away the trees and you get landslides, flooding and less oxygen.

    And that was a quickie! Good to be home....I'm happy you're still twitterless; just think what we'd miss if you weren't!

  11. My Janice! Hello! You may be onto something--blogging with a timer. I need that myself. (As I have a sink full of dishes waiting for my attention.) But blogging is so much more FUN!

    I used to spend 35 cents or so to buy my kids bookmarks but they actually prefer the homemade ones better. The kids who initially got the store bought ones have all come back to me asking if I will make them a homemade one too.

    I have never heard of Supernatural or Dean Wichester. Looks like I will have to do some major Googling and youtubing!

    That documentary sounds interesting, especially the part about meteorological changes happening while no planes were in the air. Makes you think, doesn't it? Today is definitely a day where I think an Ice Age is more likely than warming. It was 14 below zero here! I agree with you---the thing that concerns me most is deforestation. It's why I like to have lots of plants in my house and around me, and why I am so envious when I see those beautiful photos of your garden pathway!

    I'm so glad you were able to drop by! I know you have so much on your plate right now and am very grateful whenever we make contact.


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