Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it Snow!

The results of twenty-four hours of non-stop snow.
Daughter Em got stuck three times and is thinking of trading in the Lexus for
something more 4-wheel drivish. Computer Geek, Weston and
I are making hot cocoa and retiring early after a quick chapter of
The Lightning Thief.
Nighty-nite everyone! Throw those blankies in the dryer
and warm them up before climbing into bed!


  1. Can you believe that my kids got a day off from school today due to a whopping 5 inches of snow? You guys definitely get SNOW :) And lots of it! My kids would love to play in your backyard. Great picture.

  2. septembermom: Utah is known as the best snow on earth! At least that's what our license plates tell us. Your kids are welcome in my backyard anytime! I hope you had fun on your snow day!

    Ken: Indeed! Do you get much snow where you live?

  3. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! At least it's not cold! Oh, BTW Randi.... It was 26 below at the radio station this morning.. new record... woohoo.

  4. Sandy: We got robbed! The Salt Lake news this morning said only 14 below!

  5. Bring on the deliciousness! Hot chocolate sounds divine. :)

  6. Hayden: I've been OD'ing on the stuff lately! But what a happy way to go...

  7. Fantastic photo!

    But, bah humbug... I love looking at it, and watching the kids playing in it, even helping them build the odd igloo or snow wolf, but I have too many memories of trudging to school in it and sitting in damp, steaming clothes all day developing chilblains.

    Hot chocolate is one of my specialities though. My kids' friends put in requests for various flavours of the sooper doooper Christmas deluxe. Serving up a few last week helped make my spirit a bit cheerier.

  8. Janice: You'll have to tell me how to make a snow wolf! It sounds like something an 11 year old boy would love.

    I'm with you on remembering how miserable it was to sit in wet clothes all day, especially wet socks! I think if I had dry socks, the rest would be tolerable. Up until I was in third grade, girls were not allowed to wear pants to school, so we would put some pants on under our skirts, then take off the pants when we got to school.Those old classrooms were just not that warm and our bare little legs froze! Thank goodness for women's lib in 1969 that changed it so we could start wearing pants to school during a blizzard!


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