Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Serenity 12-13-09

Enjoy your Sunday.
Hang out at the park.
Have a picnic.


  1. So cute. Love all those shorts surrounded by snow. A picnic does sound nice!

  2. septembermom--hee hee! It was quite the adventure for the boys. They tried so hard to pretend they weren't freezing.

  3. That incredibly good looking boy without a hat is mine! I think he has a career in acting... what do you think? By the way... does everyone know it's Randi's birthday on Thursday? :)

  4. Sandra! (That was an exclamation of chastisement.) I was trying to lie low this year, seeing as how I will be officially OVER THE HILL.

    Yes, your son was quite the actor. Today, Foreign Quang, tomorrow, HOLLYWOOD! The other boys asked him, "Aren't you freezing?" To which your dear son replied, "No. As always, I am incredibly hot." :)


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