Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It was -14 degrees this morning when I left for school! I had to scrape the inside of my car windows too. The principal of our high school had hot chocolate warming on the stove for all of us when we got to school today. We needed it!

It has warmed up though. At 10:30 a.m. it is now up to 11 degrees below zero. At least it has stopping snowing!

Update: My chick pal Sandy informs me that the local weather station had us recorded at -26 this morning! That must have been before the sun woke up.


  1. I'm cold just reading this post! Keep warm Randi!

  2. septembermom: I'm trying! I've left my boots on all day so far because they're warm and furry on the inside.

  3. I love snow. Someone else's, that is. 80 degrees here.

  4. Auntie M: You've done your time and paid your dues, having grown up in the midwest! You deserve 80 degrees in December.

  5. Wow that is cold!!!
    Opposite problem here Randi. Too warm. Rained non stop for over 3 weeks and very windy. Pre Christmas weather here is always wet and grey, but this much rain is extreme (oops made new word there typed sextreme...the mind boggles)
    So I think we would welcome a little chillier weather.
    We almost never get snow any more and when we do it brings the country to a standstill.
    But as I blogged, we have no climate, just far too much weather.

  6. Pen: We would be sooo happy to send a few degrees your way! I heard there was quite a bit of flooding in England. Was everything ok on your end? No damage, I hope? It was so cold here today that when the sun came out it warmed the streets ever so slightly so that it was like driving on solid ice. I turned a corner and spun three times in a circle. I was quite embarrassed and hoped no one saw it! Luckily no cars came my way.Haven't done that since I first learned to drive.
    Take care, and sleep well tonight!

  7. You know how I feel about snow! Guess who's not visiting you in December any time soon!! Liptons Chicken Noodle soup and hot chocolate time, methinks.

  8. Janice: You won't believe this (or maybe you will-ha!) but that's exactly what I am having for lunch today! I'll raise that mug of hot chocolate to you! Are there any good Scottish toasts you can teach me?


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