Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inspiration from Goodlife Zen Question 1

Today I received an email from the Goodlife Zen website. Mary Jaksch wrote a post called
11 Questions that lead to Gratitude. I started thinking about her end-of-the-year questions and thinking turned to writing and before you know it, I was blogging. For the next eleven days, I will answer one of her questions, and challenge you to answer that question too! Thanks to Mary for her questions. Please check out her original post and subscribe to Goodlife Zen for more inspiration.

1. What made you happy?

On April 4, 2009, a little boy was born to my daughter Em and her husband Supreme Dishman.

He is a little butterball of round-headed, brown-eyed chunk, whose personality is strangely akin to a puppy. If you walk into a room, his eyes will light up, he will smile, he will crawl to you as fast as his little body will go, and he will immediately begin chewing on your shoes. When you pick him up, he will begin wagging his tail and licking your face. [Ok, everything is true except the last sentence.]

Chunk is one of those babies that everyone wants to hold, even MEN. If Em and I attend the same function or activity, I have to fight people to get to my grandson, sometimes using all manner of devious trickery. “Oh my gosh! Is that a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet in Metallic Ruby Red? Here, let me hold my grandson while you run to the corner to check it out.”

Computer Geek has been known to lament, "It's been over 24 hours since we last saw Chunk. Isn't it time for a visit?" Em was at the movies last week, and was in the lobby with Chunk. A strange woman came up to her and said, "Excuse me, but could I just hold your baby?" Billy Squier wrote Everybody Wants You for Chunk.

Little Chunk only cries for a few reasons: He’s wet, he’s hungry, he’s tired, or you took the DISH remote away from him. Other than that, he is happy, happy, happy. He makes everyone who sees him happy, happy, happy too!


  1. Becoming a Quangster (did I spell that right?) made me happy. It's not on the same level as your lovable grandson Chunk, however, that's what immediately popped into my head.

    You've made me laugh (so hard) and you've just given me such warm and fuzzies over the past year, and well, I'm just very grateful and happy about being a Quangster.

    Thank you.

    The challenge is on. I'll try to answer each question.


  2. Daisy: Thank you SO MUCH for listing Becoming a Quangster as something that made you happy! I'm so happy that you are one of the originals! That just made my night! I'm glad I was able to impart warm fuzzies because I love getting and giving them. Thank you for being up to the challenge to answer all the questions. (We'll see how well I do!)

  3. OH MY GOD, how adorable! He's so so cute...but then, you knew that already. :)

    P.S. You're so slick. "Here let me hold my grandchild while you check out the awesome car."

    Devious! You have skillz.

  4. Hayden: Yup, I got them grandma skillz. You know how men are, always wanting to hold a baby *snort* so it takes drastic measures to distract them. :)

  5. I don't want to sound prideful, but I have found that there is really only one thing that made me happy and the answer is: me. I had to decide within myself that I would find gratitude in all that God has blessed me with and I go forth with the attitude that I am happy and I find that I appreciate even the littlest things I have.

  6. Sandy: And THAT is why you are so wise. You are exactly right--only we ourselves our responsible for our happiness, no one can give it to us. We get happiness by being grateful. Good answer, Sandy.

  7. Little Chunk knows how to spread happiness with that cute smile and disposition! A true ray of sunshine, what a cutie.

    Laughter has made me happy this past year. I tried to find more times to laugh than cry or complain. When you look for a laugh, it really does lift up your spirit and make the day brighter.

  8. septembermom: You are so right! Laughter and having a cheerful attitude are all a matter of choice, aren't they? I read once that the greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to see JOY. As I read your posts throughout the year I saw a mom who gives her children the gift of laughter and joy.


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