Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sunday Serenity 12-6-09

Pop Art


  1. 2nd visit and I get it this time! Perhaps it's the nap I've just enjoyed which always makes me sharper. We old folk need them!

    Have a good week Randi and give my regards to your lovely family.

  2. Ken: Don't worry, Ken. My sense of humor is a little obscure most of the time. :) I'm just about headed for a nap myself!

    You have a good week too, Ken, and a lovely Sunday--what's left of it for you. We are sending love back to your family!

  3. Hey, I like those spurts of creativity that people will demonstrate during a normal work day. Cool!

  4. septembermom: I do too! I love seeing art in a place I don't expect, or using unexpected materials. It just adds a little "oomph" to a day.

  5. Took me a minute to see the image.

    Nice display. Cute kid.

  6. Auntie M: It probably took a minute because my son's body is hiding the tree trunk. It stands out better without human interference. :)


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