Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do on a Rainy Day

It rarely rains here for more than a few minutes at a time, so when we get a steady rain for the entire day, we tend to enjoy it. (Today is actually the second day of rain--Computer Geek is now missing Seattle like crazy.) So what do desert dwellers do on a well-fought for misty day?

1. Attend an epic yard sale. Hardly anyone else was there because of the weather, and the words "epic" to describe it was a marketing tactic by those putting on the sale. Still, we had our choice of the goods because of sparse attendance. Here are two of the gems I came away with:

I love this sign because I had been looking for something rustic to hang on an outdoor wall in an alcove between the house and the garage. Fifty cents.

And then I saw this:

You're thinking, "Oh. My. Gosh. That would be so perfect sitting on an outdoor table with a splash of white daisies hanging over the side."  I thought so too! And someone let this go for a buck.

2. Check the garden to make sure it is not flooding. Central Utah dirt is a mixture of clay and rocks. Rain turns the dirt to a consistency more appropriate for pottery than for growing plants. The moisture tends to flood the plants rather than do what it should and seep into the ground. A quick check and I was reassured that all was well in the garden.

3. Unpack boxes and de-clutter.  We are still in reorganizing mode after the big move. I have been going through box after box and trying to separate our possessions into categories, as can be observed by the signs in the below photo.

4. Do something crafty with the things you've organized. Maybe this is why it takes forever to get anything done. I spend too much time trying to make things "cute." 

5. Capture the beauty of your wet surroundings.

raindrops on roses...

6. Grab a blankie and a pillow and cozy up in the recliner.

7. Go to a movie. Cry your eyes out.

8. Eat a rainbow pudding pop that you made the night before.

Find out how to make this little delicacy here, at Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

After two days of rain, I'm ready for a little sunshine. Computer Geek is ready for a vacation to the Pacific Northwest.


  1. Really nice post. I love the photos. We had rain on Saturday, no storm, just gentle rain. Rain again Sunday, with torna and loosna. My mother-in-law's Danish
    words for thunder and lightning.
    (Torna, as in Thor's hammer)

  2. Hi Randi
    I enjoyed the photographs.
    When it rains here I just refer to the indoor list of jobs which is always longer than the outdoor ones.

  3. Auntie M: Thank you! Ooh, I love learning new words. Torna and loosna. I wonder then if the word "tornado" also comes from the same root.

    Ken: Does it rain in England? Oh,just kidding. :) You're such a busy man, rain or shine!

  4. Randi -

    It is 95 plus here plus humidity, I collapsed about a dozen times on Saturday when we went hiking into Tallulah Gorge park (google it really pretty), I didn't realize my hypoglycemia would kick in as rough as it did. I really should break down & buy a camelback for when I go hiking again (ha! I'd make a horrible fugitive, they'd catch my out of shape self before lunchtime ;)

    What really gets me about rainy days is we have a dollar theater here, which normally plays good movies but for some reason the even the recession brings out movies I don't want to pay $1 to go see - just trying to hold my breath through Summer tv long as I can & hopefully catch up on some reading.

    BTW saw the photos on facebook, whats that animal jumping through the school academy logo, looks like a bull or something...?

    God Bless,

  5. Adam: Yes, you should buy a camelback! It's a nice way to carry water which otherwise would get very heavy. That's scary that you kept collapsing. Are you ok now?

    Yes, that is a bull jumping through the logo. Good eye!

  6. I love the berry sign!

  7. Jill: Isn't it great? You'll have to make the rainbow pops with the kids. It was so much fun.

  8. Randi -

    Yeah I really was unprepared for the hike, I was not really sure what to expect so the combination of humidity, my low blood sugar & generally being dehydrated just took it out of me.

    I am ok now, I think I sprained my ankle though. Sat & Sun I was just exhausted though.. If I go back to Tallulah I think I'll wait till the fall when it is a lot cooler.

    God Bless,

  9. Adam: So glad to hear that your condition was temporary and that you're feeling better--except for the sprained ankle. I hope it mends soon.

  10. Sweet post, very well done. That popsicle looked good right about now. Thanks for following.

  11. Debbie: Thank you so much for stopping by! I really enjoyed your site, and seeing all the crafty things you do in your home and garden. Your photographs are exquisite!

  12. septembermom: Thank you so much!


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